The Jaltepec Spring Newsletter

The Jaltepec Spring Newsletter

Submitted by Terry and Carole Baker


2018 will be a year of change for Jaltepec with many future challenges! The school buildings are being demolished and rebuilt starting April 2018. The Mexico City and Guadalajara Foundation Groups are raising money for this project as the buildings are 50 yrs. old with many problems that must be addressed. This means we will be looking for other venues and exploring ideas and options to keep working for the benefit of the students.

The Open House in January had the best attendance ever. There were 50 interested residents of Lakeside and 20 sponsors who enjoyed a luncheon catered by the San Juan Cosala Viva México Restaurant Owner and Chef Augustine and assisted by the staff and students. Chef Augustine also provides a Practical Work time placement for the students.

Augustine’s team and Jaltepec staff and students from left to right:

jaltepec may2018 2


Lupita Talavera, Gisele Diaz, Edna Oliva, Jessica Trujillo, Martha Santos, Nelly Romo & Conchita Cortes.

Bonita Jo Magee, Past President of Les Dames d’Escoffiers, B.C. Canada, and Catherine Rose, proprietor of Funky Finns in San Antonio hosted a very successful International Women’s Day event. The IWD theme this year is PROGRESS FORWARD … fitting for Jaltepec.

The Jaltepec Bakery in Guadalajara is within the Market “FRESCAMESA” in Zapopan, Jalisco. The fresh baked goods are located in a rent free space with proceeds going to the Foundation Group in Guadalajara’s fund raising efforts to renovate the school.

Cheli Pinto Santana graduated in August 2017. When younger she was unable to study because she was always working to help her parents. When she arrived at Jaltepec she was very shy. She has always been studious and responsible and with her new self-confidence she is now happily working at the Jaltepec Bakery in Guadalajara.

jaltepec may2018



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