June 2018

Dear Portia

Dear Portia Advice to the Lovelorn, the Drastically Distracted and the Deeply Disgruntled   Dear Portia, I am twelve years old. I am shocked. Playboy Magazine says it’s dropping the nudes. I can get to grips with it no longer. Can you help?  A . Portnoy (please excuse the shaky typing ) Dear   Mr. Portnoy,

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Skewed Liberty

Skewed Liberty   Everything is tilted. Slightly unaligned.The Constitution set askew. Liberty maligned.Some of the well-heeled citizens think that this is fine.They cannot see that everything is slightly out of line.All the pretty Philistines queue up at their teeswhile their flunky lawyers determine what to seize.Contracts with the Russians. Schemes to sell off national land.Cronies

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JOHN HENRY NEWMAN —And His Contribution to World Literature

JOHN HENRY NEWMAN—And His Contribution to World Literature By Rosario Athié and Dixie Santana   John Henry Newman is recognized as one of the most important religious figures of 19th Century England. He is also well-known as an important literary figure. He is one of the classic writers in the English language, and his works

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