Ancianitas de Santa Clara de Asis

Ancianitas de Santa Clara de Asis

By Lisa Taylor

Ancianitas de Santa Clara de Asis


This is a home, across the lake, near San Pedro Tesistan where, currently, 24 elderly women all of whom have been abandoned, with degenerative illnesses, live out the remainder of their lives under the care of three devoted sisters, two male nurses and a small support staff.

The project started back in 2007 under the legal supervision of Instituto Medico Social de Refugio, A.C. and in 2011 the association was formalized and bears its current name. The principal care-givers are Madre Maria, 50 years service, Madre Carmen, teacher, 50 years service, and Sister Isabel, a geriatric registered nurse—all three are committed to a shared philosophy which translates to ‘Mercy, Peace and Charity be with us.’

The Association has attempted to provide the medical and nursing needs to assist these senior adults with dignity and compassion. But, recently, because more beneficiaries have found shelter there, there are increased challenges to maintain the extended care requirements. Besides the urgent need for funding to pay the staff, medicines, installation of water heaters and electric panels, there is one particular necessity that begs the most immediate attention—and that is:

Nutritional Food

Several months ago, a small group of expats, living here in Lakeside, got together and drove out to ‘Ancianitas’ and met with Sister Isabel who welcomed them with open arms. This was the beginning of a support group that, each month, donates and pools financial resources, which are used to buy food in the Jocotepec market, and taken out to the home. This is a most welcomed sustenance, one that needs to be enriched with more donors. Please find it in your heart to become a donor. These dear elderly women deserve the compassion of those of us that care enough to make a difference – every little bit helps.

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