Ramblings From The Ranch

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Peter Hurst

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If we could learn from our dogs’ perspective…

A dog deserves our love and respect,

for they bear no grudge or disrespect.

They do not care for color of skin,

or what beliefs we hold within.

For every language that we convey,

our dogs all know the words we say.

How much better our world could be,

if we only learned from this mentality. 


Adapted poem from the book Horse Daze By Peter J. Hurst

My wife and I moved from Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada to Lake Chapala in August 2017. It wasn’t long after we decided to foster a dog from the Ranch.

On our arrival at the Ranch we met with Syd who runs the facility. A few barks could be heard in the background, until we entered the kennel enclosure that is. Then we were greeted with a sonic array of barks in every octave, each bark expressing a command for attention.

We were attracted to a rather quiet dog, named Brandy, as she was not following the pack for attention. We decided to adopt her and not foster as intended. Brandy is a medium size black and tan mixed breed that had a minor heart condition when vetted.

We adopted her sister also black and tan but smaller. We call them the odd couple. Both have become inseparable. They are again beginning to trust after being abused by the cowardly acts of others. They play constantly and are becoming more confident with their new surroundings. We have renamed them Lucky and Taco. Their acceptance of and love for us has been rewarding.

Supporting The Ranch gives confidence to a dog willing to trust again! To find out how to volunteer, adopt a dog or make a donation please contact The Ranch: www.adoptaranchdog@outlook.com or 331.270.4447.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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