Ramblings From The Ranch – November 2018

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Carolyn Cothran

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As Co-Manager of The Ranch, one of the things I like about my work is that no two days are the same. Each day presents a new experience or opportunity to help a dog in a different way. Recently I had a day that all volunteers hope for.  

It started pretty normally. Volunteers showed up ready to give the dogs love, walks and a good brushing or two. A friend had indicated that she would like to adopt an older dog. Some of our best dogs have been with us over ten years. There is no particular reason for their long stay, except they’ve just been overlooked. My friend took an interest in Lee, a Ranch dog for about eleven years. He is healthy and gets along well with other dogs. My friend wanted to meet Lee and showed up with her dog to introduce them. The two were indifferent about each other.  My friend said that she would come back with her other dog to see how it would go. The dogs met and it was a great match. Off went Lee to his forever home.

Later that day a volunteer brought us a dog best described as a skeleton with fur, in terrible shape. We get these dogs sometimes and can help them get healthy again, but being in a foster home speeds the process. Unfortunately, we had no available fosters. I was worried about making him comfortable and watched him closely.

Out of nowhere a wonderful man drove up to The Ranch, saying he would be interested in a long term foster. What miraculous timing! We sent this dog to his foster home where he enjoys a lake view, a great backyard and people attending to his every need. That day goes down as one of the best ever in my almost five years of shelter work.

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For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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