Our Literary Awards—Circa 2018

Our Literary Awards—Circa 2018



Special Thanks to Abby Rivera and Michael MacLaughlin for providing the outstanding entertainment, and also to Roberto Ortiz for his supurb musical stylings.

The latest luncheon which drew well over one hundred people was one of our best ever.

To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees, we send along our thanks and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!



Rob Mohr

Ed Tasca

Rob Mohr

Jackie Kellum

Fred Mittag

Ken Masson



Karl Homann

1.We Are All Immigrants

By Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Nov 17

2. Memories Begone

By Sue Schools, Nov 17

3.The Drug Fix That Is Permanent

By Christy Wiseman, Nov 17

4. She Cannot But I Can

By Karl Homann, Jan 18

5. Critical Thinking is Critical

By Fred Mittag, Jun 18

6. On Becoming a Karaoke Singer

By John Commando, Jan 18

7.His Name Was Klaus

By Tom Eck, July 18

8. Tumble Off the Page

By Margaret Porter Mar 18

9. Double-Take

By Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Aug 18

10. A Good Death            

By Margaret Van Every, July18



Fred Mittag

1. The Theft of History

 By Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Oct. 17

 2. Brief History of Jews in Mexico

 By Mel Goldberg, Apr 18

 3. Ghosts Among Us-Black Elk

 By Fred Mittag, April 18

 4. The Honor in War?

 By John Ward, May 18

 5. Simon Girty

 By Lorin Swinehart, Jan 18



mark boyer

1. Battle of Charlottesville

 By Mark Boyer, Oct 17

2. Ajijic Medley 

Susa Silvermarie, Dec 17

3. I Almost Stepped on Ant

By Carol Kaufman, Dec 17

4. A Dog’s Allegiance

By Robert Taylor, Aug 17

5. Dark Dream

 Rob Mohr, Sep 18



Ken color

 1. Bridge by Lake

 By Ken Masson

 2. If Our Pets Could Talk

 By Jackie Kellum

 3. Lakeside Living

 By Sandy Olson

 4. Welcome to Mexico

 By Victoria Schmidt

 5. Ghosts Among Us

 By Fred Mittag



Libby Colterjohn

1. Bless Me, Father

 By Armando Garcia, Oct 17

 2. Percy with Purple Penis

 By Libby Colterjohn, Jan 18

 3. Hey, I used to be somebody  

 By Sandy Olson, Mar 18

 4. Birth of a Rock

 By John Ward, Sept 18

 5. Three Score and More

 By Ed Tasca, Jun 18



Robert Taylor

1. The Woman Who Walked Across America

By Robert Taylor, Nov 17

2. Fine Art of Living Well

By Sandi Gellen-Cole, Mar 18

Mark Sconce

3. Charlotte’s World Wide Web

Mark Sconce, Aug 18

4. I Miss Tom Faloon

By Margret Porter, Aug 18

5. You Can Warm Socks

By Fernando Garcia, Sept 18



 Ken Salzman

  1. The Long Voyage Home

 By Rob Mohr, Oct 17

 2. Gray Sea Running

 By Antonio Rambles, Sept 18

 3. Only Once in a Lifetime     

 By Carol Bowman, June 18

 4. Bycatch

 By Clare Gearhart, Sept 18

 5. The Alphabet of Longing

 By Ken Salzman, Jul 18



Rob Mohr2

1. Midnight

 By Hildegard Hintz, Dec 17

 2. An Exchange of Gifts

 By Rob Mohr, Jan 18

 3. Communion

 By Rachel McMillen, Jan 18

 4. First Love

 By Mikel Miller, July 18

 5. A Guilty Love   

 Katina Pontikes, Aug 18


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