The Hourglass

The Hourglass

By Michael James Cook


She cried to the Southern Wind as she took him to her sacred place

All vestiges that had protected her were scattered

In a bedroom that had waited many years to see her form revealed

In her beautiful naked wedding gown

The tide of her womb drew him in from the shallows into deeper water

The breeze of his breath became warmer as he looked down upon her gracile face

I am the writer and you would think that would be a perfect ending

But like the scales of justice

Destiny is often weighted on the side of sadness

Ships and paths cross but are eluded sometimes by the passage of time

It all comes down to when the hourglass is turned upside down

And the stars of life begin to fall

Not always in a stream

They sometimes kiss in an immense memory that is never forgotten

Though buried with the weight of life they surface from time to time

In moments of moisture

And so the recurring dream is vividly remembered once again

Of what could have been

What should have been

A brief encounter of years gone past

The sweetness of such little history leaves you wanting more

But then it seems that the said is yet again unsaid

Until the next time


For the wish still becomes a wish that lacks the courage of an honest dialogue

Tis then such moments disappear over an emotional horizon

The smile still lingers and it will always be there


For if love exists

We must pluck it out the air and lay it safe

It is for your eyes only

Thus the Universe can wait its turn to sprinkle them with cosmic dust

In a magnificent Nebula of love’s creation

But alas as much as time can ravage us

With obstacles that our resilience seems to overcome

We wait once more for the happenstance bus to come along

And looking at your watch will not speed it along

Now look at the hourglass and wonder if a larger grain will block the passage

Thus giving love’s moments the time to flourish

Let it wake the years lost that should have been claimed so long ago

A new year is upon us and we ask ourselves

Why so quick

Why the moments don’t become eternal

As you smile at the indentation on the pillow

And wonder if this is something lasting

Yet you smile as you smell the coffee brewing

Knowing the reason why you had a sleepless night

Let the scented dew of love rise like a coastal mist

That cools the skin from whence it came

And the hourglass which defied gravity in love’s time

Begins to flow once more till the next time

I am the writer

I wonder if the opening paragraph was the beginning or the end

I think I will leave it for you to decide if the sands of time got it right for once


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