Letters to the Editor – January 2019

Letters to the Editor


Dear Sir:

After the past month or so the American people together with billions of other observant people from around the planet have observed what could only be justifiably called a grossly inhumane, immoral and unethical watershed demonstrated by the present Chief Executive incumbent of the American government and advisory members of his cabinet  ‘An Accessory After The Fact’ can be best described as  ‘someone who assists someone who has committed a crime’, ‘has knowledge of that someone who committed the crime,’ and, ‘with the intent of helping that person who committed the crime.’

Without going into some of the sordid and questionable political details of the American government’s past relationship with the autocratic government of Saudi-Arabia, suffice it to say, it was a relationship based only on political and commercial expediency. The recent calculated, deceptive and horrendous murder of a significant, outspoken American/Saudi-Arabian journalist inside the Saudi-Arabian Consulate in Ankara,Turkey is a clear demonstration of premeditated evil at its worst and should never be considered as of ‘no Importance’ or as a ‘pawn’ in the machinations of governments.

But that is exactly what we find Mr. Trump and his political advisors are doing and because of that he, and his political advisors are by definition, ‘An Accessory After The Fact’ when it comes to the continuing war in Yemen where for years the United States Governments have provided weapons and military supplies to the Saudi-Arabian Government so that thousands of Yemeni adults and parents, and around 85,000 children of all ages would be viciously and remorselessly exterminated by those same weapons and military supplies provided by the American Government  which, and this is the grim ironic part, provided by us American tax payers!!

To be quite fair, not only Mr. Trump’s Administration but the previous Administration had been supplying weapons and supplies of war to Saudi-Arabia, but the issue today is the cold hearted rejection by the present Trump Administration in excluding any form of moral or ethical imperative when they weigh the human consequences and costs of such political decision making, but still decide on profitable expediency like the present $110 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi-Arabia as against a strong, truthful and moral/ethical condemnation and cancellation of all arms deals such as has been recently taken by the nation of Germany.

Mr. Trump continually in some way or form ‘tweets’ he wants to make America great, but sadly his methods and intentions are doing the reverse and are anathema to all ‘free’ men and women who believe and will protect both ‘moral and ethical’ imperatives before political and self-serving expediencies:

Bert Slocombe—A concerned American citizen


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