Profiling Tepehua – January 2019

Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King
President of the Board for Tepehua

Tepehua January2019


January is a new canvass waiting for a masterpiece to unfold.  Every year that excitement of “something new any day I will know right away…soon as it shows!” (West Side Story). Sometimes we create our own happenings, sometimes we wait. The Tepehua Community Center doesn’t have the time to wait…there is a new generation on the move.  The doors of education are opening for change. 

We, the Tepehua Team, wish all our supporters a wonderful year of health and a ‘feel the love’ year. 

For all our donors we exercise confidentiality and never expose our sources, but a must-tell are some special Christmas Stories, the very best of people and in the business of “changing the world” you meet the best.  

In the sadness of injustice and oppression and illiteracy that in turn cause poverty, there is a flip side of the coin: you see the care and generosity from the most unexpected sources. This column has covered the unsung heroes before, those who quietly change the world around them whether for only a moment in time or forever.

Some have the money or items to spare, others save for the end of the year and then share what they have.  Others do it from a commitment to religious leanings. It really doesn’t matter why, but something moves people at this time of the year to reach out to those less fortunate.  Still others reach out all year long.

A gentleman of approaching years met Moonie on the street and peeled off $500 USD, stating that Tepehua was one of many he would support this year. 

Another spent a large amount at the Tepehua Treasures store in Riberas buying gifts, paid his bill then donated the gifts back to the women of Tepehua.  An ageing woman spent her “allowance” in the store because “she believes” in what we do.  A woman of little means bought an item and put all her change into the donation “pink pig”….amazing acts of compassion from those who have so little to those who have less. 

Father Christmas paid a visit to Tepehua on his Iron Horse, along with his merry men from Los Gueros Motorcycle Club, amazing the kids with their huge bikes shining like new pennies.  There is a special place for the quiet heroes that Tepehua sees all year round. You may never see the changes you make, but it is awesome. You may not see the smile of the young when they pick up their diplomas for a job well done in education, but we do, and we thank you. A new generation arises to take on the world!  

At the same time, aroused by the commercial Christmas frenzy, the dark side takes on a life of its own. Security becomes a problem and walking around with valuables or cash leaves you vulnerable. Many people have had frightening confrontations prior to the holidays. Don’t let these incidents take away your trust in people as a whole. There are many more good guys than bad. The Tepehua Team can attest to that.  Always be aware of your surroundings all year, and keep the faith.

This is an amazing world and its people resilient against all odds.

Please visit the barrio of Tepehua this year, and see how far your old clothing, blankets, and donations in general have taken this barrio, not just in a material sense but also the privilege of education.  Out of your trash there are treasures.

Peace and good health to all. If everyone takes care of their part of the world, we will have it made. Tepehua thanks you.

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