Yummy! – January 2019


By Sydney Gay
Resident Chef, International Cities of Friendship 

Calabaza Season Is Now


The history of Calabaza can be traced over 7,500 years from Mexico to the Iran, it’s a winter squash loaded with Vitamin A, postassium,  antioxidents and fiber, somewhat bland when baked, so spices like  cumin and curry are needed to enhance the flavor. Calabaza puree is often used as a replacement for butter in baking and in Mexico it is used to make “Calabaza en tacha” which is pumpkin candied in sugar, guava, and cinnamon syrup, a traditional holiday dessert.

Other names for this squash are auyama, zapallo and West Indian pumpkin.  one cup serving of Calabeza contains just 35 calories, 5,460 units of vitamin A, 246 milligrams of potassium, 15 milligrams vitamin C.  For a “Four Seasons” gourmet taste, grated raw calabaza is the real deal, 1/4 cup per person added to a mixed green salad is truly “Yummy.” Eat with love.

Bio – Following twenty five years as food manager for International Cities of Friendship, Sydney Gay opened an office in Ajijic where she designs radio programs and theater events. E Mail: googlesydney@yahoo.com

Sydney Gay

Sydney Gay


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