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Is it true that a gazillion people believe we’re all one in the universe? OK, maybe billions, or simply millions, share this belief. But surely you’ve heard this premise. The belief is that we are all single droplets in an ocean of time, that we create a whole and are not individuals at all.

So this would mean there’s no hierarchy. What? Would that mean because you have more educational degrees than I have that you are not superior (unless I choose to be subordinate)? Or because you are taller, thinner and more popular than I, that we are equal? Well, let’s take it a step further ….

What about the toothless vagrant on the corner? Or, God forbid, the Pope? Surely we all understand we are at least equal to a politician on any given day (smile). But please stop a moment to consider the person beside you or in front of you or behind you. And please be considerate of their feelings.

So, if we do that, what about the mammals, reptiles and sea creatures? It has been proved that even wild fish and wingless bees react to affection from humans. If we are one with them, should we devour them? OMG, I’d have to give up bacon!

OK, then we all become vegetarians or vegans as is the current fashion. But hasn’t it been proven that plants respond to musical vibrations and feelings of human beings? Two identical plants were placed in a high school entryway and one was praised and one was bullied. The nourished plant thrived and the other shriveled.

Taking it to the max, it has also been proven that even WATER responds to emotions and frequencies. So if we get crazy with these theories, we all starve, emotionally and physically. And that would certainly be the end of everything we love.

So, to make it simple…I suggest we simply follow the Golden Rule. I will do my best not to judge you, your habits and beliefs, and you will try to accept me as I am. Deal?

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