The Mexican Smile

The Mexican Smile


Buenos dias! Buenas tardes!

Like an opening in the forest,

A clearing filtering light,

A window to beyond,

Invitation to pause,

A moment of connection,

The passing traveler’s smile surprises with its intimacy,

Offer of friendliness, a gift,

That in the giving, recognizes and affirms

A moment of “I – Thou”.

Slow down and stop to let that someone cross your path,

Reward – a smile of thanks that’s brighter than your lights.

Face lit with greeting

From an open heart and generous spirit.

For in spite of cares and needs,

The Mexican can always spare a smile.

No value placed on it, this simple gift.

Take it for granted if you will,

We who have so much to burden us,

But were it not so freely offered,

Then would our world be so much less.

Buenos dias! Buenas tardes!

And a smile.


By Gabrielle Blair


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