Rambling From The Ranch – September 2019

Rambling From The Ranch

By Kay Nevin

What a Difference a Flight Can Make

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I wanted to be involved with The Ranch since I arrived in Chapala last year. The chance came when my nephew in Seattle emailed he was ready for a dog and asked if I could help him find one. Luckily that same morning, I met Carolyn Cothran at Christiana Park while our dogs were playing together. I asked her if she had any ideas. Carolyn recommended two dogs that would be a good match for a boy and sent me a link that same day.

After reconfirming with my family that they really were ready to do this, I went to The Ranch. Carolyn introduced me to “Armando” and he was the perfect dog.
We made a short video and sent it to my nephew who was delighted.

I brought “Armando” home with me a few days later. He was so well-behaved, played ball with my Lab after five minutes, liked my kitten, was house-trained, not greedy with food and slept beautifully in his crate. Over the weeks, he met new dogs at the park, was good with strangers, car rides, vet visits —just a great little guy.

I started travel plans as I was also accompanying five other dogs from The Ranch for adoption in the Seattle area. Come flight day, all that was required of me was to check in extra early. I think we arrived at 3pm for a 6pm flight. The Ranch staff organized transport for the dogs and took care of the crates at the airport. They handed me a large pile of prepared health certificates and I was ready to go. The check-in staff did the rest. They were considerate and gentle with the dogs. I saw the crates rolled off and loaded onto the flight.

On arrival in Seattle, the crates were ready by the time I was through customs and immigration. I showed the same paperwork and was guided to the over-sized baggage area where my nephew and Tori, from Street Dogs Seattle shelter, were waiting. Of the six dogs, three already had adoption parents waiting for them. One of whom was at the airport to take her sweet dog home. It is a lovely moment when the dogs and the owners meet. People around us also looked at us fondly and shared comments of support.

I can’t stress enough how easy it was being a flight angel! All you need to do is hand over the paperwork and sign some forms. If you have the time to add an extra hour at each end of your journey, please consider being a flight angel. You’ll feel really good when it’s done. You not only help the dogs get a forever home but you help to make available space at The Ranch for the next needy dogs. I definitely will do it again.

Oh, and Armando landed on his paws in Seattle. He is so loved. Family and neighbors have sent toys and blankets for his crate.

Interested in escorting dogs or volunteering please contact The Ranch: www.lakesidespayandneuter.com or 331-270-4447.


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