ABBY RIVERA —An Extraordinary Entertainer

ABBY RIVERA—An Extraordinary Entertainer

By Robert James Taylor



Abby Rivera, a name familiar to so many, has become one of the most popular singers at Lakeside: constantly in demand, she performs at numerous restaurants, charity and social events and private functions. Where did it all start?

Born in 1979, she was raised in Chapala with her two brothers. She has memories of a happy childhood, walking the safe streets to school where she would later become an excellent scholar. From an early age, singing came naturally to her: she would play her CD player, and sing her lungs out as she played songs from the 90’s in Spanish and English.

She would later study for two years to become a Social Worker, but had to forego that path when family financial problems forced her to end her education prematurely. On her 18th birthday she met her future husband, Omar, on the Chapala malecon. They courted, married, and in 2003 they went to live in the USA where her husband found work. During the next six years Abby would have the first two of her three children, but by 2009, living with in-laws, she was homesick for Mexico and her family and returned to Chapala. Some time after she joined a music trio which performed in and around Guadalajara. After her third child was born, the group split up and Abby, feeling sad and lost, faced some difficult times.

Despondent about her future, she finally landed a full time job working in a local well-known insurance agency here at Lakeside. Her next bit of luck came with a telephone call from a well-known restaurant wanting to hire her as a singer. She nervously accepted, but that was to become a first big step- her confidence grew as a performer; soon she would be receiving calls from everywhere.

Today, she has hundreds of songs in her repertoire, and her mezzo-soprano voice can cover songs of Piaf, Country, Disco, and, her most popular of all, the songs of ABBA, which she performs with her best friend, Rocio.

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