Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir:

Last Friday night, March 6th, Mac Morison gave a concert performance to the Lakeside community which will undoubtedly serve as both example and inspiration to the several generations of people living at Lakeside. Mac is 87 years old and has been performing publicly for 75 years minus one. He skipped a year in 2019 in which he had a major heart attack and open-heart surgery. 

Despite what would be a debilitating physical circumstance at an age when most would have long since retired from public life, Mac made good on his promise to return after his 2018 concert. His voice is still powerful and compelling. His stage presence is still poised and confident. And his versatility as a performer is rather amazing as can be seen in the fact that he was equally at home singing singly in the style of Sinatra, or in duet with his guests, jazzman Mike Fortier and operatic songstress, Mariana Vigueras. 

The show was produced and directed once again by Mac’s talented and professional wife, Barbara Clippinger who has obviously envisioned a continuing cavalcade of entertainment with Mac and invited guests. This year Barbara once again included the edgy comedian, Jeff Capri as well as a chorus line of the Ajijic Showgirls, both of whom punctuated the evening’s entertainment with Vegas style humor and eye-popping glitter and dance. 

It is apparent that Mac’s annual show is transitioning from being a one-man performance to a variety show that introduces new talent to Ajijic and the Lakeside community. Not only is this totally in keeping with the ever expanding venue of arts and entertainment in the area, but it is also a continuing reminder and inspiration to those of us who may have thought that retirement requires us to stop what we love doing in life. That is obviously not true for Mac Morison. Here’s hoping he will continue for years to come.


Michael MacGrath

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