Mirror To The Universe

Mirror To The Universe

By Rob Mohr

Spiritual Dimensions of Human Life

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Human societies have universally developed around the belief that life existed on two distinct levels, physical and spiritual. Organic science throws out the spiritual. Are they wrong? 

Quantum Physics, and understanding of the nano world, where everything, electrons, protons, neurons like alpha particles, and Buckyballs can be in multiple states at the same time, suggests that we might also super-position ourselves in time and space. Our mind – which combines the elements of consciousness, our sensed experience, cellular awareness, input from our genetic memory and from the flow of universal consciousness–blossoms when fed by metaphysical encounters.

Renowned Physicist, John Wheeler, and Writer, Paul Levy believe Quantum Physics incorporates a spiritual path where we dream our lives and our reality into being. These fields of creative potential, which consist of material and spiritual aspects, rationalize these shifts in what we thought was real, and make possible much of what we now believe impossible. Scientists are currently mining the scientific and philosophical meaning of what the physicists have uncovered. Their conclusions are consistent with Kant’s 200 years old belief that our sense of colors, sensations, feelings, and understandings of objective reality can only be representations formed by our mind. We construct reality. Space, time, light, nano worlds, coalesces within this complex, creative spiritual milieu and engender new possibilities for human development. The spiritual realm qualifies every aspect of creation and extends life beyond our mechanical responses, and our daily experience. When we risk engagement with the spiritual, we move toward higher, more complex levels of consciousness where mind, body and spirit unify. Enabled, we engage the world in revelatory ways that expand consciousness and recast our individual and collective lives.

Metaphysical experiences – celebrating creation, meditation, our integration with the natural world, and participation in transformative rituals in a search for universal understanding -expand the spiritual part of our integrated consciousness. Rituals in Buddhism, for example, encourage disengagement from mechanical responses to life through rhythmic chants, and vibrations created with Buddha Bowls and bells. Religions, in general, solicit suspension of self-protective responses.

Humanity’s focus on the spiritual began deep in pre-history and emerged full blown in Neolithic societies shaped by their relationships with gods, out of body experiences, movement through space and time, passage through thin places, visitation with ancestors, trances, and visions. During the mold-breaking Rig Vedic, Aryan period in north India (1500 until 600 BCE) culture was heavily weighted toward spiritual, communal and egalitarian life. Governed by Rashtra polity, propagated and protected by Kala (tribal councils moderated by a Ragan), communities shared production equally, and leveled the status of women and men. Spiritual rituals in Vedic life were focused on an intimate relationship with Indra (the creator), and harmony with the natural world.     

My doctorate degree in spirituality imparted a broad understanding of historic cultures and their focus on the ‘magic’ of spirituality in a community’s religious life and governing structure. Yet, my personal moment of inner spiritual connection came during a heart ablation at Mayo Clinic Hospital in 2010. The operating team included a new anesthesiologist mandated by a change in Hospital policy. Something went wrong with the administration of anesthesia, and I became restless, and one of the five devices that had been thrust into my heart through my legs and neck punctured my heart wall. Blood filled the protective sac covering my heart which caused my heart to stop beating. At this point I was technically dead, but I was elsewhere, conscious and watching and listening as the doctors discussed the situation. Then, in a flash, everything changed and I was in a timeless space observing creation in process. I saw infinite space into the past and creation being laid reaching forward into infinity. My world was filled with brilliant light. Elements were defined with subtle changes in tone. The experience was overwhelming and deeply spiritual. 

Back in the material world, an on-call surgeon came in and cut a hole in my chest and suctioned the blood out of the heart sac, and after being dead for five minutes I reentered life. Through the years I have sought understanding of my and others’ spiritual engagement with creation, but firm answers eluded me. However, each day creative possibilities emerged. As I write now, I have a strange sense that I am still there watching the creation of the universe.

This spiritual event amplified my spiritual connections and understandings. If you have had out of body experiences, visions of the future, or have seen events thousands of miles away, please share your experience with me. <robmohr@gmail.com>;

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