Vision Quest – April 2020

Vision Quest


Walking across the prairie grass
I glanced upon the ground,
Covered with weeds and sagebrush tall
Lay rocks set in the round.
A medicine wheel, immense in size,
With spokes that numbered five,
Restfully poised on Mother Earth
With an aura of being alive.
I rubbed my eyes in disbelief
As ghostly forms appeared,
They moved around an Elder One
Whose spirit was most revered.
The Elder One gazed straight at me
I knew the message he spoke,
I stepped into the sacred hoop
Fearless—and full of hope.
His long white hair blew from his neck
Exposing a deep blue stone,
Its energy sent a burst of light
Emitting a soothing tone.
The Elder spoke a sacred tongue
Which touched me to the core,
I knew the meaning of his words
Their essence let me soar.
A rainbow haze of brilliant hues
Whirled swiftly by my eyes,
The colors danced and sang their song
Rejoicing to the skies.
The Wise One faded, leaving behind
A smile that touched my heart,
An ancient memory was now released
To play its sacred part.
I stood in awe with reverence true
Though partly in a daze,
The Wheel of Life had disappeared
In twilight’s mystic haze.

—Dr. Bob Cave—

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