Letters to the Editor – August 2020

Letters to the Editor


Why do contributors to your monthly periodical, including of course Swinehart, insist on spinning left wing socialist propaganda, while insulting others who do not believe in your drivel.

I am a hard right Republican Conservative.

This is my third country, having lived in Canada, the US, and now Mexico.

Literally every able bodied American could find a job prior to the Chinese pandemic.  Yes Lorin, it was the Chinese fault!  Not President Trumps.

It’s great the El Oyó [sic] Del Lago is free.  At least I can enjoy the classifieds.

Of course, I’ll assume this won’t qualify for letters to the editor.

Scott Rothwell

[Ed. Note: It is my policy to make sure the author has the opportunity to respond to any critique should they choose. The Letter to the Editor (really more of a tweet) is printed in it’s entirety without editing or correction, except for pointing out the error of the publication.]

Mr. Rothwell

Left-wing socialist? Really. Socialism is defined as a system whereby the means of production and distribution are controlled by the government, Despite your penchant for labeling and name-calling, I have never advocated that. I don’t believe that even Senator Sanders, a professed socialist, has.

I never implied that Mr. Trump caused the current pandemic, but, rather, that his response to it has been characterized by ineptitude, denial, platitudes, evasion, and buffoonery. Since you choose to denounce what I have not said, as opposed to what I have said, I can only conclude that ineptitude, denial, platitudes, evasion, and buffoonery are attitudes and behaviors that you value and may even possess yourself. 

I indeed did take Mr. Trump to task for his lack of leadership with regard to acts of discrimination and even violence being meted out to Asian-Americans. I provided as an example the recent stabbing of an Asian-American family of four, including a two-year-old and a six-year-old. Since you not only fail to join other civilized people in denouncing such behaviors or even recognizing them in my column, I assume that you approve of that sort of thing. If that is the case, surely you should be denied access to sharp objects, and local law enforcement should be apprised of your location so that they can begin monitoring your activities.

You identify yourself as a “hard core Conservative Republican.” I know many conservative Republicans who are actually nice people. I cannot believe, though, that any of them would approve of Mr. Trump’s antics or of the tone and choice of words in your letter. You are free to call yourself whatever you choose. But, again, like Mr. Trump and his leftover coterie of acolytes, labeling and name-calling are about all you are capable of, and it would be unfair of me to tax your abilities by any further dialogue. Taking unfair advantage of the mentally challenged would be akin to the sort of bullying that Mr. Trump habitually exhibits.”

Dr. Lorin Swinehart

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