Night Walk

Night Walk

By Rob Mohr


Above my horizon rest a crescent Moon 

whose ghostly form fills heaven’s sweep,

joined with Venus’ expanding smile.

An ancient union made in eastern skies,

where their graceful dance seals their love,

while Mars’ red glow westward leads, 

as I enter lustrous heaven’s cryptic frame.

Framed by Orion’s three stars arrayed,

a crystal crown of the God’s refugent light,

a family formed by transcendent spears, which

which leads me back to long lost worlds,

when Ancient’s found in each brilliant night

escape from each day’s mortal struggle,

to speak in soliloquies of time and space,

of Moon’s rise and Mar’s slow demise –

where gyrations of Venus, Sun, and Moon

aligned their farmer’s eyes and hearts,

to mark their days, weeks and months.

A count the ancients knew and understood,

guiding when to plant in warming earth,

as spring rains descend on nascent crops

nurtured throughout heaven’s starlit nights. 

As I now reflect below this complex sky, 

who am I within this unperceptive world,

where human understandings slowly fade 

throughout the days’ long, slow march,

constrained at times by grievous strife?

Yet, this enchanted night has disposed

a spiritual gift from our watchful God,

who breathes new life as I complete

my course, beneath creation’s eternal sky.

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