an abscess of heat settles without a breeze
the body sheds all of its excesses,
bodies not conditioned to thermal air
shut down,
sweating bodies
relieving the tedium
of hot lazy down and dirty on clean sheets
lubricating just below the surface
melting away the doldrums of dry season

decidedly uncanadian, but if you’re hot,
working up a sweat,
heat becomes a friend indeed.
heat defined is the essence of hell:
yet it generates with touch
stimulated by the gentle press of lips,
begs to be naked, penetrating,
in a sultry evening wearing a silk slip

heat has a way of holding on to flesh
the way it mirages off hot playing fields,
spreads a fairy dust of fever,
loins itself in a rash of fantasy—then wilts

cleansing heat permeates the soul
simplifies metal

the heat of passion burns
a firestorm of love
through green patches
parches then ferments

heat burns the day away
evening simmers
love cools and tempers under silk

—John Dodds—

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