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January 2020

Feliz Año Nuevo from the Lakeside Living team.
I will have much better vision this year…it’s 2020!
The Lake Chapala Society hosts Open Circle every Sunday at 10AM, a popular community gathering in Ajijic every Sunday morning to enjoy a diverse range of presentations.
For more information see their website:
Open Circle Presentations for January:
January 5 Caring for the Soul in Times of Chaos
Presented by David Bryen
Humanity is experiencing The Dark Night of the Soul! How do we address the shredding of civility and eruption of hate and polarization, without being overtaken by our own tribalism or withdrawing in fear? How do we preserve the interior dimensions of soul life when chaos preoccupies our attention? How do we thread our way between responsibility to the world and connection to the soul? But what is soul? How does it work? What does it want?  How do we unlock its intelligence rather than fall prey to primitive reactions?
David Bryen, during his lifetime career as a psychotherapist, became a fierce defender of the soul. In this presentation he will suggest that listening to and loving the soul is the true work of our lives. He will give ways to care for the soul and find its wisdom hidden inside. He coordinates Open Circle, is a motorcycle safety instructor, woodworker, author, and poet.
January 12 “The best vision is insight.”—Malcolm Forbes
Presented by Yann Kostic
As of this writing (December 2019), the bull market is officially the longest on record, but this does not stop skeptics from asking when will it end, and maybe more importantly, how badly. This leads to the question: how long will any other market stay strong? With the ever-changing U.S. political “Helter-Skelter,” to the UK’s “Never Ending Story,” Black Swans are lurking everywhere. Along with this financial market update, we will cover the three largest financial mistakes retirees make when establishing themselves in Mexico.
Tom Zachystal, CFA, CFP & Yann Kostic M.B.A. have presented at Open Circle for the past three years. Unfortunately, Tom cannot make it this year.
January 19 Here Comes the Judge . . .
Presented by Don Munroe

Don Munroe

Judges are the guardians of the Rule of Law which is at the foundation of any true democracy. Without an independent, non-partisan, even courageous judiciary, the Rule of Law is threatened. Using the United States and Canada as the main reference points, Don will define what we mean by the Rule of Law and demonstrate its importance. He will then take a critical look at how our judges are selected and whether those processes are compatible with the democratic values that the Rule of Law is intended to protect.  
Don Munroe is a prominent Canadian lawyer whose career has included criminal and civil litigation; chairmanship of the British Columbia Labour Relations Board; visiting professor of constitutional law at the University of Victoria; and some 30 years as an arbitrator and mediator. Don has appeared as counsel before the Supreme Court of Canada on four occasions and at age 38 was designated a Queen’s Counsel.
January 26  What are you? And why you won’t believe it.
Presented by Phil Rylett
WHAT are you? It is something we rarely think about. We are much more concerned with WHO we are. Our identity defines our differences. I am not you. You are not me. But if you knew WHAT you are, would those differences start to crumble? Would you see yourself differently? And your relationship to all life, our planet, and beyond? How we got here tells us quite a bit of where we are going. Take a humorous trip back in time and space and let’s just see how you got here and what it means for your daily life today—nutrition, health, sex, relationships, love, etc. There’s a lot going on under the hood. Let’s find out what it all means.
Phil Rylett is a native of England.  Careers in pharmacology, nursing and computer science define what he did. But what is he? Well, all will be revealed during the presentation.
February 2 How to Die When You’re Ready
Presented by Loretta Downs

Loretta Downs

Self-determination is the process by which individuals control their own life, including the end of it. Learn about the ethical, safe, and legal ways available in the US, Canada, and Mexico to exercise this basic human right to die on our own terms—how we miss opportunities to use it and what obstacles prevent us from achieving it.
Loretta Downs, MA, CSA, has been companioning people at the end of their lives for nearly 40 years—listening, serving, and observing the many ways we die. She sees natural death as a sacred passage deserving of recognition and fervent support. Loretta founded Chrysalis End-of-Life Inspirations (, is a member of a hospital ethics committee, an Advance Care Planning Facilitator, and a Certified Senior Advisor. She has a master’s degree in gerontology with a major in thanatology. In summer she raises Monarch butterflies in Chicago; in winter she hibernates in Ajijic.
Bare Stage Theatre presents:
Maggie’s Getting Married
By Norm Foster
Directed by Roseann Wilshere
Dates: January 24th, 25th & 26th

Cast: Ali McFarlane and Tina Leonard

“Maggie”s Getting Married! Or is she?”
“Funny, Witty, Silly, Shocking & Touching”
This play takes a comedic look at the Duncan family as they prepare for the wedding of their daughter, Maggie, but things go haywire, the dream begins to crumble. It’s the night before the wedding to Russell, a Realtor who wooed her in a whirlwind romance. Unfortunately, she’s the only one excited about it! Her father is afraid that his baby girl may be marrying the wrong man for the wrong reasons. Her bombshell sister, Wanda, is home for the big day with her latest boy toy. And her mother is pondering the future (post-wedding) as part of a couple whose passion has diminished from a forest fire to a “small grassfire”. Will Maggie get cold feet when she learns that her sister knows the groom all too well?
Tickets $150 / Reservations: / Showtime 4 p.m.
Box office & bar open at 3 p.m. Seats are held till 3:50 p.m.
Located at #261 on the mountain side of the carretera in Riberas del Pilar across from the Catholic Church.
Please, no parking inside Baptist Church lot.
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Cast: Ali McFarlane and Tina Leonard

Announcing an exciting new event: Beginning Tuesday, January 28—and every 4th Tuesday of the month going forward—there will be a reading by Published Local Writers from 4-6pm at El Gato Feo Café. Each month’s reading will have a theme: January will be stories, and February will be “Glimpse of the Novel.” Books by local writers are for sale downstairs at El Gato Feo Café, which is next door to Barbara’s Bazaar on Independencia. When you purchase a book at a monthly reading, the reader will sign it for you! El Gato Feo sells coffee drinks, tea, wine, beer & smoothies. Please arrive by 3:30 to get your drink and take your seat in the comfortable seating upstairs. Parking is available at the Ajijic malecon. Space is limited; please leave pets at home. We hope to see you at this exciting new venue! Email Patricia Hemingway with questions at PATRICIAHEMIGWAY@GMAIL.COM. [Note: no “N” in “HEMIGWAY.”]
Last Call for the 12th annual benefit LIP SYNC SHOW at the Ajijic auditorio. The show is a fun romp through songs you know and can sing along, great songs you haven’t heard  in years and songs to tickle your funny bone. Plus this year there is a heavy dose of dance numbers. Show dates and times are Thursday January 9th at 4 p.m. Friday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. The price is $300 pesos. Tickets are available at Mia’s, Diane Pearls, the auditorio or the easy way at  

Have you ever said; “I should write a book.”?
Learn how to put your story on paper.
Award-winning author, Rachel R.J. McMillen (The Dan Connor mystery series. Driving Baja), is offering an 8-week Creative Writing course that will lead you through the various facets of creating a story, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. Plot, Story-Arc. Characterization. Dialogue. Sentence Structure. etc. Commencing Wednesday, January 8th, and continuing every Wednesday until February 26th, from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Lake Chapala Society campus. Registration is limited and can be done at the LCS Service Desk, Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Rachel R.J. McMillen

The Met Live HD 2019-20 Season
Join the Chapala Opera Guild … Local dues $1,300p. Join us at MovieSpace!
Individual performance tickets are available at the MovieSpace taquilla / Box Office.  Select the season shows that best fit your calendar and order them for only $300 pesos per Seat.  See special pricing for Guild members.
Tickets are available daily at the box office. 
Mon – Fri 3pm – 10 pm / Sat – Sun 1 pm – 11 pm
Location: Carretera Chapala – Jocotepec 206 A1, Col. Centro; Chapala, San Antonio Tlayacapan, C.P. 45922
Teléfonos: (376) 766 2580
MovieSpace is in the Centro Laguna Mall across from Walmart. Ample parking lot nearby.  English and Espanol Sub-Titles:  Pick your language sala!
Premium Foods and Beverages: Enjoy the renovated spaces with upgraded coffee bar, offering coffees, teas, wine and beer. 

Little Lakeside Theatre presents:

By Susan Miller
Directed by Kevin Cook
Assistant Director Russell Mack
Show Dates: January 17 – 26, 2020
Show Sponsor: DeLane David
CAST: Nicolas Cumplido, Debra Bowers, Chris L’Ecluse, Connie Davis, Collette Clavadetscher, Georgette Richmond.
20th Century Blues follows four sixty something friends as they confront the downsides of being an adult, primarily aging and ageism.
Danny, Sil, Mac and Gabby met in lockup.  Danny, a photographer, took a behind-bars snapshot and for the next four decades she reconvened the women for annual portraits. Along the way the women had children and shed lovers, earned degrees and fought for stature. Their faces changed, their minds and hearts altered less. Now the Museum of Modern Art has offered Danny a retrospective, and she wants to show the photos.

CAST: Nicolas Cumplido, Debra Bowers, Chris L’Ecluse, Connie Davis, Collette Clavadetscher, Georgette Richmond.

Review: “Playwright Susan Miller has the pulse of women at a certain age. Her characters are well drawn … we know these people. – (Women Around Town)
“20TH Century Blues is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.”
Original Off Broadway production
Produced by Lida Orzeck
Originally produced at Contemporary American Theater Festival
(Ed Herendeen, Artistic Director)  Summer 2016
LLT Box Office:  10am to noon, every Wednesday & Thursday.  During Mainstage shows, 10am to noon, every day but Sunday, & one hour before curtain. 
Show Times: Evenings 7:30pm Matinees 4 pm.  First Saturday and both Sundays are matinees.  Cuota de recuperation – 300 Pesos
THE CANADIAN CLUB hosted their annual Christmas Party, December 13th at La Nueva Posada.  Larry Youell graciously MC’ed the well attended event that provided social interaction and delightful entertainment from a few of the children of Voces de Luz, the choir from the music school Musica para Crecer, AC in San Juan Cosala.  They were joined in song by a few talented friends of the Maestra, Cindy Youell.

The mission of Musica para Crecer is to bring both musical and life skills to the students who are enrolled and keep them actively engaged in education.  Many of the students who originally started with the program 6 years ago are now going on to University educations.  The school is non-profit, and all of its’ financial support comes through donations and benefactors in the Lake Chapala community.  
Voces de Luz – Voices of Light – sing songs in Spanish, English, French and Latin (so far!), and unison to 4 part harmony.  What any child lacks in skill they more than make up for in enthusiasm!  Maestra Cindy Youell conducted the choir from the keyboard provided to the school from funds raised in part by fellow Canadians.
On a Sad Note…We have lost one of our very own here at Lakeside Living; Sandy Olson passed away a few weeks ago.  Our deepest condolences to Sandy’s family and friends from all of us at El Ojo del Lago at the saddest of times.

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