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Mirror To The Universe

– Spiritual Health

By Rob Mohr

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Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valleys.”

Theodore Roethke

There is an unseen path, a non-material field in reality, that we all walk along when we open ourselves to the vast scope of what creation offers.

Springtime in our garden has forced me to reconsider how the quality of one’s environment sets the tone for our lives. A coherent life in harmony with nature, and those with whom we share life, engenders peace and comfort. We spiritually and physically consume what the organic world offers. Coherence enables awareness, understanding, compassion, and love. But when systems become incoherent and unbalanced by destruction, violence, fear and hate, we live in chaos. Harmony and balance are lost.

All of creation seeks coherence, humans thrive when we protect the environment, experience the world with eyes wide open, and treat one another with love and respect. But, with equal force, humanity has also succumbed to the darkness of self-interest. My seventy-year study of the pre-Columbian Maya makes clear humanity’s two natures. Maya artists created beautiful art, yet it depicted ceremonies where victims were disemboweled, or decapitated. Humanity is torn, yet the universe is coherent. Why?

“A spiritual matrix of ‘hidden’ quantum and cosmological constructs points to a potential reality which lies behind the space-time reality, within which we ordinarily navigate.”

Karl Pribram, PhD

Quantum science has revealed that the universe is a coherent system where all its parts work in responsive harmony. But within there is a chaos-point where the system may be threatened with partial or complete destruction. As a counter, scientists and philosophers, like David Bohm, Chris Hardy, Ervin Laszlo, and others, believe there is a nonmaterial universal mind that ensures coherence, one which exists apart from the material realm, where spiritual and the material (physical and quantum) realities interact dynamically.    

The power of this nonmaterial field is evident when we realize that everything that exists in our tangible world is there because we collectively project its creation. Our nonmaterial thoughts, universally connected within this spiritual field, have the power to change everything. Consider the implications. This guiding consciousness, the global mind, is our brain as well. We exist inside a unified field of consciousness, one that is spiritual and not material. We share cosmic memories which entail information, awareness, and a life not governed by space or time. Free from physical restraints, this cerebral mantle underlies and orchestrates everything in the material cosmos. It is a dimension that subtends all that exists, an interconnecting cosmic matrix, that ensures coherence.

Pragmatically we engage within this universal mind when we travel without the restraints of space and time where we participate in events thousands of miles away. Or when we have premonitions of future events, or feel a déjà vu connection with our history. “The Vedic texts, which originated in ancient India, discuss mysticism, healing, the wisdom of prophets, contact with ancestors, and the vast array of contemporary spiritual understandings. They further reveal humanity’s role in the spiritual dimension of creation.” We are one with the universe. The water in the sea is the same water as that in our blood. Trees breathe out the breath we take in. Our bodies are digested by nature as a source of creation.

Which brings me full circle. We become fully alive and healthy when we live in harmony with our environment, utilize our universal mind, live in ways that nurture life and deepen our spiritual engagement with the nonmaterial, governing field. Humanity’s place, within this coherent cosmos, lights the path into human evolution.

Albert Einstein wisely advised, “Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.

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