Ramblings From The Ranch – May 2020

Ramblings From The Ranch

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At the time of this writing (early April), things are mostly closed down due to COVID-19. Its our fervent hope that we may be back to normal” by the time you are reading this. Either way, it is (and will continue to be) a hard time in the dog rescue community.

When the economy is poor, many local families struggle to put food on the table. And often there is nothing left to put in the dog bowl. More dogs are abandoned and neglected, victims of the virus effect on the economy. Sadly, some foreigners are abandoning pets too, as they rush to their home countries to ride out the virus crisis.

With more dogs than ever needing homes, flights to freedom have stopped. Dogs are not getting the opportunity to find families North of the Border. Last year, the Ranch sent about 200 up North.” We plan to resume this practice when flights allow, but of course, no one knows when that might be.

All this makes it more difficult for The Ranch to take in more dogs in need — unless local folks step up to adopt and foster. If you are thinking about adopting, now is the time.

However, if you cant take on a permanent new family member, perhaps you could foster! What does fostering entail? It means you have a fabulous dog to care for and treat as your own until s/he can find a home, or until you need to move or travel. The Ranch takes care of the cost of any medical appointments and can even lend you a crate if you need one. You have all the fun and comfort of a dog: snuggles, walks, playing fetch, and spoiling a deserving canine. You also help your foster to learn about living in a house and being part of a family. YOU help them become more adoptable.

And while that sweet dog is at your place, another abandoned dog will have the opportunity to be safe and fed at The Ranch.

If you would like to help please visit our website www.lakesidespayandneutercenter.co m or email us at adoptaranchdog@outlook.com

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