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April 2021


“…who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?”

— Hunter S. Thompson

The Lake Chapala Society hosts Open Circle every Sunday at 10AM, a popular community gathering in Ajijic, to enjoy a diverse range of presentations.

For more information and to make reservations, see their website:

In order to follow State of Jalisco safety precautions, attendance will be limited to 80 persons, reservations required, use of mask is mandatory and temperature checks on entry. During this period, we recommend bringing your own coffee or bottled water, and please remove containers upon departure. Open Circle video Consent. As a service to our audience and presenters, Open Circle will video-record presentations and upload them on the LCS YouTube channel.

Bare Stage Theatre public performances have been ‘hibernating’ for a year now, but we have not been totally asleep. In November, we offered a limited attendance and safely-distanced Meisner Workshop on site with a teacher who flew from England. Jo Romero brought her AGame and close to twenty locals (broken down into 2 sessions daily) learned what it meant to do REAL or authentic acting. It was a matter of “going deep”, as Jo would say.

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From mid January to mid February, Bare Stage and BRAVO Theatre cosponsored a ‘Monologue Workshop’ led by Bernadette Jones. She has been a director and teacher since 1979 in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Los Angeles and now here on Lake Chapala. The workshop was conducted on Zoom, where the performers were working ‘in a small box’. Therefore, it was necessary to introduce specific techniques for acting on film, as well as developing tools to improve acting choices and their execution that can be applied to stage OR screen. Bernadette was able to bring her extensive experience working in both mediums, which made for a very, special learning experience for all who attended.

The local actors who participated in the presentation of their monologues on the final day of the workshop excelled beyond their expectations.

Everyone celebrated the skills developed in each person’s performance with applause.

Bare Stage will be presenting a Showcase of these monologues when we open our doors to the public once again. Hopefully, with vaccinations coming, that happy day will be sooner than expected. Keep your eye on the local entertainment calendar.

Bernadette is finalizing the details for her next workshop, one to benefit actors as well as directors. “Taking Direction” / “Giving Direction” will start mid April and run for eight weeks. All pertinent details will be posted on our FaceBook Page soon.

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Michael Reason, the conductor of the Lake Chapala Community Orchestra is certainly not one to sit around and wait for the pandemic to end. Although the orchestra has not rehearsed for a year, Reason was able to mount 2 chamber ensemble concerts last October and December using members of the orchestra. Presented in the virtually open-air venue of the Unitarian Church in Riberas, both socially distanced performances were completely sold out.

Lake Chapala Community Orchestra

Reason believes that even during these Covid times the performing arts must find a way of adapting to the “new” normal of presenting live cultural events. To this end he has now created a Broadway revue show that will give Lakeside residents the opportunity to see and hear performances of songs from shows such as Wicked, A Chorus Line, Follies and Kiss Me Kate.

“The revue has a basic theme running through it and the choice of songs have been carefully chosen to reflect this,” says Reason.

With no space to place an orchestra for the show he is heavily involved in creating symphonic backing tracks for each number.

Reason is tight lipped about any further details, including the performers, but suffice it to say they will be well known to local citizens. More details about this production including performance dates and venues will be available in Lakeside Living’s May edition of El Ojo del Lago.

If you would like to be put on a mailing list for show details please send an email to

Covid restrictions have affected all of us over the past year, including the Feria Maestros del Arte, the annual gathering of talented artisans from all over the country. 

Feria Maestros del Arte Abril2021

After the 2020 cancellation of the Feria, this year the Feria will enjoy the gardens of the Lake Chapala Society in a pared down, but no less wonderful version, April 30 and May 1st starting at 10AM.

Come and enjoy offerings of jewelry, textiles, celebrate Mother’s Day in the Lake Chapala Society gardens and support the gifted artisans who retain all of the proceeds from your purchases.

Here is a small sampling of the wonderful artisans displaying their work:

We have broken the back of Covid-19. At print deadline, vaccines have arrived Lakeside.  We here at Lakeside Living are excited to bring you more of our Lakeside arts community in the coming months.  And thank you for continuing to support us all and El Ojo: the end is nigh.

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