An Exclusive Tequila Tour Like No Other

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An Exclusive Tequila Tour Like No Other

Submitted by Carole Baker

Assistant Community Facilitator for Jaltepec.


Centro Educativo Jaltepec, the only institution in Mexico to grant a Technical Degree in Hoteleria and Hospitalidad is introducing a fundraising venture that will continue to help us support the students of Jaltepec. These young Mexican women will benefit from an education that will guide them towards their future success and TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES.

This will not be your usual tequila tour! It is NOT a tour to the town of Tequila. The Rancho Tequila Reserva de los González is located in the red highlands of Jalisco northeast of Ajijic, and southeast from Guadalajara near the town of Atotonilco el Alto.

It is a unique opportunity to enjoy a private excursion to a family owned Tequilera and Hacienda. The Tequila Reserva de los González has never been open to the public. They have provided their exclusive facilities to help us raise money to benefit the students at Centro Educativo Jaltepec.

Gonzalez Tequila Tour Photo by Shelly Stokes

At present we are offering these dates:

Thursday December 16th and Saturday January 15th

The February and March dates are to be announced at a later time.

The all-inclusive event costs $3500 pesos which includes transportation in a clean, modern, luxury 16 seat van limited to 10 guests in each vehicle, with a maximum of 3 vans for departure once a month. There will be a tour of the facilities, a delicious four course catered lunch with wine and refreshments, a full linen service and elegant table settings, and, most certainly, a tequila tasting experience!

All COVID protocols will be followed, and the transportation company offers insurance for the travelers during the trip. For your personal well-being during COVID, those who wish can put together a Pod of ten friends they feel comfortable with.


The tour leaves from the Centro Laguna Mall at 9:30 AM with check in at 9:15 AM, and Linda Buckthorp, our Community Facilitator for Jaltepec, will be there to greet you and, following COVID protocols, do a temperature check, apply hand gel, and take your tickets before boarding and escorting you onto the van. This is a wonderful opportunity for yourselves and friends or family who may be visiting you to have a “not your usual tequila tour!” 

Sandra González, Administrative Coordinator and Montserrat (Montse) González, our Fundraising Coordinator, will personally receive our guests upon arrival at the Tequilera. The tour will be hosted by Juan Manuel González García, son of Don Julio González, the original founder of the business in 1942, and a partner in the Tequila Reserva de los González and Club Tequila Colección Privada founded in 2009. It will be a very exclusive and special opportunity to visit the facilities.

The tour of the plant will include an explanation and demonstration of the process of making tequila.  In addition, Juan Manuel will share the legacy and pictures of his father, Don Julio, which are displayed in the Tequilera. Some of the private cellars will be opened for the guests so you can see how they look inside. He will also be accompanied by his daughter, Montse.

Ojo Juan Manuel and Montse Photo by Shelly Stokes

Juan Manuel and Montse.

Following the tour of the Tequilera, the tequila tasting event is a highlight before lunch, when our host will explain the special characteristics of each type of tequila. You will be served fruit, ‘totopos’ and guacamole to accompany the tequila tasting.

Another treat is a local lady whose job it is to ‘tortear’ which means to make fresh tortillas, quesadillas and ‘sopes’ with fresh ground corn or ‘masa’ grown in the red soil of the highlands, which gives the masa an extra special taste. The cheese is also a specialty of the area which adds to the flavor of the quesadillas.  They are the most amazing tortillas that you will ever taste! The delicious catered lunch, with refreshments and desserts will be impeccably served inside the spacious facilities with a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Tequila Reserva de los González has hosted two previous tours in October and November. All the guests expressed their appreciation and mentioned that they were very honored to be at the Tequilera and that the service had been to their complete satisfaction.

It is sure to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Please contact:  Linda Buckthorp:  phone 33 3407 8193


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