Getting to Know Our Souls

Getting to Know Our Souls

By Barbara Hildt



Testimonies from people who had NDEs, near death experiences, have convinced me that we are all immortal, resilient souls. Fortunately, we don’t need to die or have a NDE to know our souls and acquire their wisdom. We only need to quiet our minds and open our hearts to get to know our souls.

While living in human bodies, we tend to allow our egos to be in charge. We depend on our five senses and the cognition of our brains to understand what we experience and then decide how to respond. Family members, friends, community, culture and media can easily influence our thinking, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and aspirations. Our egos tend to judge and discriminate based on their limited, flawed perceptions.

The wisdom of our souls may come from past life experiences as well as from our current lives. They see from a higher perspective and know what we need to experience in order to grow and develop as resilient and cooperative beings. Our souls may even aid in creating challenges that give us opportunities to learn and develop skills as human beings and as spiritual beings.

When we become aware of our abilities to experience extra-sensory perceptions, we learn to pay more attention to our intuitions and to trust what they are telling us. Our intuitions can act as receivers to connect us to higher levels of consciousness where our wiser souls are.

While our egos may react out of fear or anxiety, our souls are never anxious nor afraid.

Our wiser souls don’t need to be armed with defenses that put up walls or threaten others.

Our souls are more trustworthy than our egos because they know how to connect with the Source of Unconditional Love that nurtures us, enhancing our resilience and our ability to love fearlessly. Thus, it is in our self-interest to seek our souls’ guidance in order to make wiser choices.

Opening our heart consciousness to our soul’s unconditional love helps us to overcome our insecurities and prejudices. Our souls give us more empathy to care about others and discover what we have in common with strangers and adversaries.

By practicing mindfulness or some other form of meditation, we can let go of concerns about the past and future and be in the present moment. When we relax and allow our hearts to open, we can connect with our souls and receive their helpful insights.

Here is a simple BLESS ME method to connect with soul consciousness.

B Breathe (at least 3 deep breaths) releasing all concerns with exhalations

L  Lift your vibration with thoughts of appreciation for someone or something

E  Expand your field with a strong, but gentle exhale

S  Surrender all concerns to your soul

S  Shift your awareness to the soul you are

M Merge with your soul

E  Experience peace, as you open your heart to receive love and insights

We all have concerns that can be better understood with insights or guidance from a higher consciousness. We, and those close to us or at a distance, can benefit when we consult with our souls, especially when we feel negative emotions such as anxiety, resentment, confusion, uncertainty, or a sense of failure.

We may have questions we need to ask our souls. Or we may just need to relax, letting go of all concerns and opening our hearts to receive love and possibly a message from our own souls or from a loving spirit-friend.

You may want to have a pen and notebook handy to record any message or insight you may receive.

Try not to become discouraged or impatient if you don’t feel you are receiving insights or answers to questions during your meditation. Sometimes insights come later when we are ready to receive them.

As we open our heart consciousness to receive guidance from our souls, we align with our authentic nature and our purpose. The bonus is the gift of inner peace.


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