Words Of Thanks To The Ojo

Words Of Thanks To The Ojo

Rob Mohr


For many years my columns in the Ojo del Lago, Focus on Art and Mirror to the Universe, have been an essential part of my life in Mexico. My February 2021 column will be my last offering of Mirror to the Universe. My hope is that in the future I will be able to write an occasional poem or story for publication. To my readers I am very thankful for your encouragement.

The Ojo del Lago has consistently given me a creative outlet and a unique opportunity to explore life, and the arts at Lakeside. I have gained great respect for the many talented writers and artists who have shared their art and interest in each publication of the Ojo.

Alejandro Grattan, Editor Emeritus, (Alex) wisely cultivated a cadre of writers through the twice monthly Ajijic Writers’ group which met in the patio of La Nueva Posada. His critiquing skills, experience as a published writer, and intuitive wit offered important insights which helped those new to writing grow and mature. He ensured that each issue of the Ojo del Lago had a stimulating mix of articles, stories and poems. My friendship with Alex continues to be a personal grace.

Victoria Schmidt, the current Editor, brings her organizational skills to bear, and is doing a excellent job encouraging writers and guiding the literary and art content of each issue.

Richard Tingen the founder, and David Tingen the Publisher, have enabled and administered the Ojo del Lago with wisdom, and consistent  encouragement for their writers. Under their guidance the Ojo has provided an important forum for the writers and artists at Lakeside.

Richard and I became friends through our shared interests in the arts. His support for Focus on Art gave me an opportunity to develop lasting friendships with many of the fine artists at Lakeside. My interactions with these artists has been a high point in my life.

The staff of the Ojo del Lago have been consistently helpful in working through the details of every publication. Sally Asante has recently been doing the thankless work of proofing each issue. Roberto Rojas, ‘mi tocayo’ has consistently done an excellent job pulling the advertisements and creative works together within each issue. And, Diana Morales has given him essential support. For communication Rosy Madrigal has been outstanding and wonderful to work with.

My sincere thanks to you all. Rob Mohr


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For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: chapala.com

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