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January 2021


“What makes people good communicators is, in essence, an ability not to be fazed by the more problematic or offbeat aspects of their own characters.”

Alain de Botton

Our local arts and theatre community continues to struggle under the state mandated Covid-19 protocols.  Many are under serious strain, not knowing what their futures hold.  The Lake Chapala Community Orchestra held a Facebook live streaming Christmas concert. The Ajijic Writers Group meets on Zoom (contact to get on the list). 

Artists, actors, producers, restaurateurs, musicians and all their support staff are holding on, waiting for the fog to lift.  There appears to be hope on the far horizon. 

Stay safe and vigilant, friends.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow.

The Lake Chapala Society hosts Open Circle every Sunday at 10AM, a popular community gathering in Ajijic, to enjoy a diverse range of presentations.

For more information and to make reservations, see their website:

In order to follow State of Jalisco safety precautions, attendance will be limited to 80 persons, reservations required, use of mask is mandatory and temperature checks on entry. During this period, we recommend bringing your own coffee or bottled water, and please remove containers upon departure. Open Circle video Consent. As a service to our audience and presenters, Open Circle will video-record presentations and upload them on the LCS YouTube channel.

JANUARY 3 – Open Circle presentations for January 2021:

The Great Pause Presented by John Stokdijk

John Stokdijk

John Stokdijk

John Stokdijk will share his thoughts about the coronavirus crisis as a spiritual experience. What insights can be gained? What lessons can be learned? How are we to live now? John will share some of his exciting new discoveries during this extremely disruptive pandemic.

His presentation will be a continuation of the spiritual journey he shared at Open Circle in 2015, accessible by clicking here: Secular Spirituality.

John and his wife Pat moved to Lakeside in 2012. Locally he is best known for launching the Ajijic Book Club in 2016. ABC has continued to meet and thrive utilizing Zoom.

In addition to reading, John enjoys tending his garden and exercising on his treadmill. He and Pat have remained mostly in quarantine supported by local shopping and delivery services.

JANUARY 10 – Why Do We Do That? Presented by Sandy Britton

Sandy BrittonSandy Britton

We humans have a lot of strange behaviors—some that we share with other animals, some we don’t; some that science can explain, some that it can’t; some that are voluntary, some involuntary. For instance, why do we laugh? Gossip? Talk to ourselves? Why does every human culture have some form of music? Join Sandy at Open Circle to explore the quirkier side of human behavior.

Sandy Britton is from northern California where she raised a family with husband Phil and had a career in Information Technology. She enjoys exploring aspects of what makes us human, and sharing the more interesting discoveries with Open Circle audiences.

JANUARY 17 – Inside Wood Presented by David Bryen

David BryenDavid Bryen


What is it that shines through wood and smites the heart? Wood’s exquisite patterns, fragrances, textures, and musical tones are locked inside until human activity releases them. Not unlike human life, a wound is often required to reveal the character and splendor of wood. A craftsman hears the sawn tree as it sounds its invitation: “Stay awhile… you too have come into the world to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine” (Mary Oliver). To open wood is to discover the Beauty that feeds the soul and summons us back to the home inside ourselves.

This presentation reflects David Bryen’s fall into wonder with wood’s beauty. A retired psychotherapist, writer, craftsman, builder, and long-term collector and admirer of exotic hardwoods, he will explore the hidden marvels in wood and compare their extraction to the unfolding drama of the human soul.

JANUARY 24 – Inside Out Aging Presented by Kat Miller

Kat MillerKat Miller


The truth is—if we are fortunate, we will have the opportunity to grow “old,” experiencing along the way inevitable losses and increasing limitations as well as progressive refinement of what is essential. With aging we can see our life as from a great altitude as a sort of landscape with all its diverse parts connected. From here we can harvest wisdom, acknowledge resilience, and discover peace, compassion and gratitude at the heart of our lives. Join Kat for some ageist repudiation and to learn more about how we can cherish the beauty of life, not despite its perishability but precisely because of it.

Kat Miller has an MA in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor here in Ajijic and abroad. She currently plays with photography and writing as ways to express her perception of today’s topic.

JANUARY 31 – This Is (was) 2020 Presented by Yann Kostic

With a global GDP 2020 forecast for the US economy to shrink by 3.6% and 7.4% in the Euro Zone, how can the stock market be sitting at all-time highs? For the recovery in 2021, the forecast is at 4% growth for the US, 5.6% for the euro Zone and close to 10% for China. What could go wrong? Well, the vaccination’s real effectiveness, its production, distribution and acceptance are risks to consider. Also to take into consideration are the likely major financial disruptions due to ever-growing assets overvaluation, mounting unsustainable debts and the inevitable change from policy easing to tightening (although this will take some time). In 2021, the January effect will be most interesting since the Georgia senate race will determine the size of the stimulus and the market will be sensitive to that. This presentation, Yann will connect the dots, explore recovery expectations and navigate the most plausible scenarios without forgetting the ever-deepening chasm between the US political parties.

Yann Kostic M.B.A. is an independent Investment Advisor and the president of Atlantis Assets Management. He has made the Open Circle financial presentation for the past 4 years.

Bare Stage and BRAVO! Theatres are proud to present:

This Workshop will be conducted via Zoom.

The following schedule is for 2 Groups (6 persons max in each group).

(8 hours in group and 1 hour of one-on-one).

9 hours of instruction in total. Fee: $2500 pesos (There is a $300 peso cancellation fee).

Register online via and Payment will be arranged individually.


This workshop is being given in support of Bare Stage and The BRAVO! Theatres. Proceeds will be donated to the two theatres.

Group A on Tuesdays – January 12th – February 2nd (11 am – 1 pm)

+ Private Coaching (1/2 hour each) – Tuesday, February 9th and 16th (times TBA)

Group B on Thursdays – January 14th – February 4th (11 am – 1 pm)

+ Private Coaching (1/2 hour each) – Thursday, February 11th and 18th (times TBA)

acting monologue workshop

In her over 35-year career in the professional theatre and film world, Bernadette Jones brings a wealth of experience directing, coaching and teaching actors. At Concordia University, where she graduated in Drama and English (Montreal 1978) she studied several acting techniques from traditional to modern. Her post-graduate work included study in Los Angeles with the famed Michael Shurtleff, where she soon became his protégée and good friend until his death. Bernadette and many actors she has directed have been nominated for major awards and have landed many a principle role in theatre and film.

Since residing Lakeside, Bernadette has directed many highly praised productions at The BRAVO! Theatre and at Bare Stage Theatre Mexico. She is known to be “an actor’s director” stemming from her vast experience as a teacher. Many of the local actors who have worked with Bernadette, have commented that her direction felt more like a “master class” in acting.

The culmination of this Monologue Workshop will be a live ‘Showcase’ performance when it is safe to gather as a group once again, the Showcase may be at either The BRAVO! Theatre or Bare Stage Theatre.


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