Mirror To The Universe—Create Great Art

Mirror To The Universe

—Create Great Art

By Rob Mohr

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“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life.”“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life.” —Ludwig van Beethoven


Living at Lakeside, the urge to create art with paint, words, or music is often overpowering. Excited, artists begin their creative endeavors without basic understandings of what the arts entail and demand. The results are often frustration and failure. 

Music, true abstract art, works, as Beethoven understood, between our sensual engagement with life and our unconscious dreaming which informs our spiritual life. When an artist is in touch with their sensual and spiritual dimensions, they are set free from analytical calculations. Merging unconscious dreaming and sensual inputs enables a healthy creative process.

Writers like Stephen King and Robert Olen Butler write by “dreamstorming.” They isolate themselves with “focus” music to create a dream state where they engage with their characters and their story. The result is holistic characters and sensual life unfolding unrestrained by their rational brain. Butler wrote, “Art does not come from ideas . . . or the mind. Art comes from the place where you dream.”

Dream content carries essential messages.

The instinctive and sensual parts of the human mind take over. Literature best occurs when a writer connects with creation’s universal consciousness, and human emotions stored within the unconscious mind. Combined, these forces encompass sensual truth and essential details about the characters. A successful creative artist “leaves self” and engages with the energy at play in the non-physical (spiritual) realms of the cosmos. They trust their sensual awareness and their entanglement with universal consciousness.     

Contemporary physicists have discovered the cosmos exists in two parts, material and the larger, energy- and information-driven nonmaterial. The artist’s mind and body connected to universal consciousness in the creative agent. This truth is essential in understanding that art in large part comes out of the artist’s unconscious, and the vastness of the universe, to create an expanded reality within a world informed by the senses and challenges humans face.

David Bohm (1917–1992), a theoretical physicist, opened the door into the nonmaterial universe and universal consciousness (a universal mind) that connects with, and informs the human mind and heart. Such integration of forces uncovers why doing art in a dream state expands exponentially the power of everything we write, paint, musically compose, or create.

(See Ojo, May, 2020, Creativity and Consciousness.)

A writer’s characters emerge from this milieu of consciousness, but they are not the writer, nor are the writer’s intentions theirs. A character’s world exists within their unique spiritual and emotional being.

The artist is an observer.

The writer’s intuition uncovers the fine points of what their characters are doing and thinking. In every understandable way a character’s existence, longings, and reality are as real (more perhaps) as writer’s real-time life.

Painters and sculptures engage their art through a creative process which forms its own reality. Uninterrupted focus is essential. The resulting objects reflect the process in which the essential work is non-analytical discovery of emotions and dreams of deep-seated human realities. Just as with writers, a tight analytical process negates this unconscious flow. Painters Edvard Munch (Desperation), George Tooker (Anxiety), Egon Schiele (Aggression), and other artists who lived within the process, successfully uncovered powerful emotions and understandings of life.

Paste link: – https://s.docworkspace.com/d/AOlDh2PitJsioL75x6adFA

Consequential art always uncovers fundamental understanding of the human condition.

Art sees everything.

The artist shares the energy imparted to the canvas or through their characters’ lives. In all epoch making art, new worlds come into existence. The essence of our humanity is revealed. People, who contemplate a painting, read a story or poem, listen to music, or watch plays, are profoundly impacted as they are drawn into these “new worlds” the artists have created.

Writers, go to www.robertolenbutler.com and scroll down to his Inside Creative Writing videos, which demonstrate “dream-state” writing.


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