Crash Course In Life Extension

Crash Course In Life Extension


For God’s sake

hurry up and do something 

to stem the slide 

from cradle to grave.

Eat more broccoli

shun hotdogs and sweets 

take vitamins and probiotics


exercise night and day



walk in a pine forest


nurture a cat or orchid

use hormones

stay sexual

attempt prayer

be here now

say OM


count your blessings

count your steps

love yourself 

as much as you love

your neighbor

worship the ground

you walk on

keep a joy journal 

pray, meditate, listen

own less, much less

talk to your children



and if you’ve tried it all

and nothing holds back time

then emulate that 

French woman who lived 

so long she thought

God had forsaken her:

puff cigars, 

sip wine, 

eschew exercise 

till your dying day

Margaret Van Every

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