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The Lake Chapala Society host Open Circle every Sunday at 10:30am, a popular community gathering in Ajijic, to enjoy a diverse range of presentations.

Entrance by the side gate on Ramón Corona, gate opens at 9:30 am. We recommend bringing a hat and bottled water, and please remove containers upon departure. Use of mask is optional.

Check their website for upcoming presentations, make your reservation if you want to attend and if you missed a past presentation, you can still enjoy it on line


August 7th -Negocios Magicos: enhancing Ajijic, Pueblo Mágico one business at the time.

By Katja Kohl and Araceli Kopiloff

Giving back to this very special community and the local people who make it our home. Reawakening color, whimsy and highlighting the rich assortment of artisanal culture and heritage in our village. Hardworking business owners deserve to make their wildest dreams a reality. The Goal: To give a small business a fresh start by not only looking better, but also introducing them to a new clientele. Giving them the tools to succeed with business advice and a better online presence. Negocios Magicos will work with them to improve their social networks and introduce them to services that can benefit their income, such as food delivery service or selling online, as well as traditional methods. Kohl Design Haus collaborates with the business owner to make their vision a reality taking their budget into consideration. The owner commits to doing the labor on their own with the support of friends, family, community

Katja interior architect, owner of Kohl Design Haus and Araceli business consultant have created the pro bono initiative: “Negocios Magicos”.

August 14 – Democracy Today: A global look at 3 types of government. 

By Terry Rosson

Terry Rosson

Join Terry, Democrats Abroad Lake Chapala Chair and Lake Chapala Society´s Open Circle to focus on democracy in 2022 at the global level. 

Explore a brief history of democracy since 1700—including women’s right to vote. 

Dig into the many types of democracy, from full to flawed to hybrid. 

Examine high-level pros and cons of each type.

Our Q&A session will include a discussion of the benefits and commitments required by each type of democracy. 

Terry brings a passion for voter engagement and over 25 years in the communications, advertising, and marketing fields. The big question he works to answer: Together, how can we help voters make the best choices for themselves in today’s social-media saturated world? 

August 21 – Don’t Trust Your Gut: How to Make Better Decisions in Life.

By Rex Gale

Rex Gale

This talk will align with your aim to improve our understanding of ourselves, our community, and our world. Jack Welch, as well as others, seem to always tell us to “trust our gut.” Quite often people make “gut” decisions that they ultimately regret.  What happened? Why did their gut fail them?

The decisions we make in life are heavily influenced by past experiences, and the emotions attached to those experiences, resulting in an automatic decision that they make without really thinking. 

This talk will focus on the Nobel Prize, winning concepts around decision making, and provide a blueprint for helping people understand why and when the gut can be dangerous in decision making, when to trust it, and how to understand the difference.

August 28 – How to clean the water?

By Roberto de Alba

Roberto de Alba

Water is the cute and wonderful “animal” who give us health, life, fun and cleaning. Its versatility is amazing. Cleans almost everything. That’s the reason why there are many kinds of contaminants in water: pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, iron, hardness, lead, bacteria, virus, algae, sediments, color, odor, flavor, pH, H2S, CO2

But if the water is for cleaning, how can I clean the water?

Each process and equipment need to be logical to clean the water. If I want to inactivate bacteria, I need to install a sediment filter because bacteria can hide in the sediment. Come and discover the process and equipment to clean the precious water

Roberto de Alba is a Master Water Specialist by the Water Quality Association. He has worked 22 years treating water.

Summer Serenade with the Lake Chapala Orchestra

On the heels of that success the LCO is presenting a “Summer Serenade” concert on Thursday, August 25 and Friday, August 26. The concert features 12 members of the orchestra in a variety of music that is perfect for a summer afternoon.

The Lake Chapala Orchestras (LCO) previous concerts in June were, once again, performed to sold out houses. The enthusiastic audiences were captivated by the full sound and energy of Lakeside’s symphony orchestra.

“We started these smaller scale concerts during the pandemic and their success has prompted us to incorporate several of them into our seasonal line up of activities” says Michael Reason, the orchestra’s artistic director.

Two works performed by the orchestra’s principal horn players open the concert which in turn is followed by the Clarinet Trio by Brahms. The second half features the Wind Serenadefor 12 instruments by the Czech composer Dvorak.

Reason comments that “both the Brahms and Dvorak works are true pinnacles of 19th century music and to hear them live in concert is a rare treat!”

Both performances will be at Lakeside Presbyterian Church, 250 San Jorge, Riberas and start at 3pm.

Tickets are $300 and can be ordered by emailing

There are only 100 tickets available for each concert and as each concert by the LCO sells out several weeks beforehand it is strongly advised to reserve your tickets early.

July 31-August 15

For 18 years, the beautiful fishing village of Ajijic, has played host to what has become one of Mexico’s most important and prestigious music festivals, the Northern Lights Festival de Febrero. With artists now traveling across the globe to attend, they come in search for musical inspiration, camaraderie and of course the natural beauty of the village. The success of the Festival de Febrero has been our inspiration for an international academy of music held in the same stunning locations.

Festival del Lago offers a very intense and immersive two weeks of music making and apprenticeship for students from precollege level to young professional. We also provide a wide range of performance opportunities to participants. From masterclasses, to intimate in-home venues to large concert halls everyone will have the opportunity to perform solo and in a chamber music ensemble and all concerts will be recorded and given to the student.

This year the academy has 64 students that are coming from all over the world, 31 international students and 33 Mexican nationals.

August 5, 9, 11, 12, 14

“Rising Stars Concerts” featuring the students at the festival (all Rising Stars Concerts are at Haus Der Musik and begin at 8:00.) 

August 2, 13

“Master Series Concerts featuring the faculty (teachers) All Master Series Concerts are at Haus Der Musik and begin at 8:00 p.m.

August 8

Fundraising Gala Concert featuring Faculty and students together at the Old Hacienda Del Lago (no time given at press release).

Currently in the process of developing a reservation system on our website. It should be up and running around August 1. So, to reserve tickets and for more information go to 

Auditions:  Thursday, August 11 & Friday, August 12, 2022. Registration: 9:30 am, Auditions: 10am, LLT on the Terrace.

The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Russell Mack

A brutal, comedic quartet about four very real women who lived boldly in France during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror.

We’re looking for 4 women.  LLT welcomes and encourages everyone interested in acting, new or experienced, to attend auditions.  For scripts & info contact the director (Russell) at

Show Dates:  September 30 – October 9, 2022

Auditions:  Thursday, September 1 & Friday, September 2, 2022.  Registration: 9:30 am, Auditions: 10am, LLT on the Terrace.

Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

Directed by Dave McIntosh

A fast-paced romantic comedy with several interwoven plots of romance, mistaken identities, and practical jokes.  One of Shakespeare’s finest comedies.

We’re looking for 10 men and 3 women.  LLT welcomes and encourages everyone interested in acting, new or experienced, to attend auditions.  For scripts & info contact the director (Dave) at

Show Dates:  November 4 – 13, 2022


Friday August 26th, Saturday the 27th & Sunday the 28th

The August production is a collection of 4 one-act plays that span the ages with themes so common to all of us that it will be impossible not to relate and not to laugh. Hopefully, and perhaps unexpectantly, you will rethink the familiar, as well.

Consider Adam & Eve, a story as old as time. In our tale, we take an irreverent look at conventional religion, but one that is also thoughtful, humorous and an argument for gender equality. It also examines Adam, as independent and reckless and Eve as social and curious, leading to their banishment from the Garden of Eden and in particular, her role in the Biblical downfall of man. All delivered in a light and ironic tone, of course.

Our second tale examines male dating rituals, crass and immature as they can be. It may seem that these characters’ actions will be a ‘race to the bottom’ but theatre is about conflict and this piece delivers surprises as they stumble upon the unexpected on their weekly, Saturday night romp.

The third piece explores the ‘end of life’ decision when two elderly, lifelong friends get together to celebrate their 75th birthdays on the 75th day of the year. A heartfelt, yet humoristic look at this subject, again with rather unexpected results.

Lastly, and with a “For Mature Audiences Only” moniker our theme is sexual deviancy, presented in an almost ‘roll on the floor’, ‘knock your sox off’ manner when two friends meet to discuss a blind date. Hold onto your hat with this one.

Our actors will be doing double duty in this production with most of them playing totally different characters back-to-back in each act. We hope our audience will enjoy being witness to the versatility of our talent by arranging our tales in this way, as well as be totally entertained.

Mark Donaldson, Pamela Johnson, Christine L’Ecluse, Ron Mikulicic, Arleen Pace (in a cameo) and Giselle Phipps make up our cast. Roxanne Rosenblatt directs, her second play with Bare Stage after last February’s The Savannah Sipping Society.

Curtain is at 4:00 pm. Tickets are $200 to join in the fun. Sales are brisk so RESERVE NOW at We are located at #261 on the mountain side of the Carretera in Riberas del Pilar across from the Catholic Church. Door and Bar open at 3:00 pm. Seats are held till 3:50 pm. Auditorium curtains will be open for air flow. Please Like, Follow & Share our Facebook Page:

Volunteering is at the very core of being human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.” ~Heather French Henry

Volunteer Opportunities

Foodbank Lakeside is looking for a volunteer to fill each of the following important roles.  If you’re interested, or you know someone who might be interested, please reply by sending an email, and we’ll schedule a time to chat with you., Volunteer Coordinator, FoodBank Lakeside

Coordinator – Gift from the Heart program is a way to donate to FoodBank Lakeside by honoring or memorializing a friend or loved one. The coordinator of this program will oversee and grow the program, including marketing it to businesses as potential thank-you gifts for their clients. 

Coordinator – MailChimp to coordinate mailings to donors and volunteers. Will need some familiarity with database management and/or email marketing systems, and preferably with MailChimp.

Writers– to interview subjects and create compelling stories about our work, our beneficiaries, and our volunteers, for marketing purposes and especially for our monthly newsletter. We do have a volunteer who will interpret so it’s necessary to be proficient in Spanish.

Every Thursday 3:00 – 6:00

Gringo Bingo and Live Music

An ongoing fundraiser with the Iron Horse and all proceeds goes to Lucky Dog.

Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption Center is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned and abused dogs in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco Mexico. Lucky Dog is run solely by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Lucky Dog has expanded a lot since its inception, adding additional runs, installing a playing/training field in back, constructing safety doors on the kennels and shade coverings for the play yards, and more. Come visit us and see for yourself! We are always happy to meet our supporters!

Our dedicated volunteers ensure our dogs are walked and loved daily.  Visits to the vet are all handled by volunteers, as are routine vaccinations, worm, and flea treatments. For more information to volunteer or donate:

August 2022 Issue

El Ojo del Lago – Home Page

For more information about Lake Chapala visit:


For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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