Profiling Tepehua – February 2022

Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King

President of the Board for Tepehua

Tepehua Feb2022


Unfortunately, the year has started off in a state of confusion. The new COVID variant and its tendency to spread rapidly is bringing the old rules back along with a stricter compliance to them.  Nothing wrong with that as to comply is not to spread. An interesting theory that seems to make a little sense, is that this new strain, because it can rapidly spread and is not so severe in its symptoms unless you have an existing problem, could cause herd immunity because of the volume of people it will affect some of whom do not even know they have it.  We are so ready to believe the theories of doom and gloom that spreads fear, why don’t we believe this theory of positivity? Perhaps this year will see the end.

Inflation is hitting the people hard, and although there has been a raise in the minimum wage, inflation is still forcing people under the poverty line.  Not everyone is getting that raise because so many are casual laborers, neither the boss nor the employed declare their earnings, and to keep it that way they accept a much lower wage.

The Tepehua Community Center is run strictly on volunteerism. The volunteers are compensated in many ways that are worth more than the minimum wage. Instead of money, they get help sending their children to school and on to higher education.  For the first time, their children can actually have a shot at going to the university of their choice. They also receive free medical service and dispensers of food twice a month that feeds most families for the month. Free English lessons are also available and any other program that is happening at the center at that time. The enclosed photo is of the dispenser line at the center Jan. 7th. Donated by Lynda Anderson and her group of merry women, the packages are distributed twice a month.

The Tepehua Team is busy cleaning up the rag-ends of 2021, perfecting as much as possible the things accomplished last year. Plus, shuffling around Board members so that we have a team ready to take on the challenge of this year. Yes, it is only January, so let’s give it a chance. Think positive. The Team still have great expectations for this year, especially looking back at the support that Lakeside gave us to keep going. Until the government straightens up, the food lines will always be there until the people earn that which is relative to the price of bread.

Change in Tepehua is coming really fast, as Chapalenses and Tapatios buy land in the south side of Tepehua because of its splendid view.  This will bring work to the local people in the form of housekeepers and gardeners and the little shops will do well. But unfortunately, those who earn below the poverty line will be pushed further into the valley where you will see them living on the sides of the mountain with no utilities. There are always victims of progress.


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