Profiling Tepehua – January 2022

Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King

President of the Board for Tepehua

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HOLA, 2022!!! Are you already wondering where 2021 went? We were so busy flexing our plexus from the confines of 2020 that time went faster than ever. Looking back and reflecting on 2021, it seemed our world was shrugging its shoulders out of a long sleep. In spite of everything, the Tepehua Center managed to achieve a few goals with the help of the waking public.

The Reverse Osmosis Distribution Center built at the end of 2020, out of necessity because the sick and nursing mothers had no access to potable water, came into its own in 2021, and although we are still trying to straighten out the wrinkles to make it sustainable, it has and is providing potable water to the poor. The Tepehua water is sweet and clear and if you are interested in having water delivered, call Adam King at 332 627 1274 for a moderate rate per five-gallon jug. The monies will go directly to support the medical and potable water program. You are also invited to Tepehua Center to view the small plant. Albeit small, we can supply 300 five-gallon jugs per day. That’s if we have the water bottles, so donations of those are still welcome. They cost more than the water.

The sanitation program to end the pollution of human waste and unhealthy home environment is a slow starter but steady, and the Tepehua Team thanks the readers for their donations of bathroom items like toilets and sinks. It is more appreciated than you will ever know, but you can guess. As the toilets come in they are distributed. We managed to get quite a few installed before Christmas. Thank fate that we, the readers, have never had to wish for a toilet for Christmas. If it is on your wish list or if you know of someone who needs one, call Moonie.

We closed the year with a mini soccer field just a block away from the center. The kids were playing on an empty lot of broken glass and huge rocks. Dads had tried to clear by hand but that was impossible. A machine and heavy truck were needed to take it away.

After permission from the owner, and donations from YOU, the people, our mini field was completed with artificial turf and goal posts and fencing. Why artificial turf? Because the maintenance of real turf is out of the question and would need too much water. Plus, it is replaceable in patches. It was finished in time for Christmas. Who knows? Maybe a soccer star will be born.

The acts of philanthropy and volunteerism is a never-ending marvel. It destroys the myth that society is a “me” generation. The Tepehua Team are in the business where we see only the empathy and generosity of people, even if they have little themselves. We also see the injustice and the ugly, but we can testify the good is far greater than the bad. Politics aside!

Good things will come in 2022, because we all feel the same exuberance of being alive after making it through two years of fear, confusion, frustration, and for some of us, confrontation of self . . . that is always the hardest to grasp, keeping in mind that fallibility is natural and perfection isn’t.

Of course, the threat of COVID and variants will be around for quite a while, but, with the advance of science and cooperation from the public’s reliance on common sense, we should begin to normalize.

In an ideal world without poverty, a society where we are our brothers’ keepers, we still must expect failures because that is who we are. But if it is a society that keeps trying no matter if they fail, it is not a failure. As the saying goes “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! from the Tepehua Team.


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