Letters to the editor – November 2022

Dear Madam Editor,

I am and have been a big fan of the Ojo del Lago since I got to the Lake Chapala area 20 years ago. I always preferred it over the Lake Chapala Review and have enjoyed it’s articles, special columns, advice, useful advertising, crossword puzzles and most especially the Editor’s column.

That being said I have to say that I was shocked and dismayed that the coverage of the last Writer’s Awards Luncheon, held at “Tango” which was published in the October issue, showed probably the worst photograph of Alex Grattan Dominguez I have ever seen. The man was the Editor of this magazine for 32 years and did an excellent job of it. He started the writers’ group which meets twice a month and ran that for many years too. The picture taken of him going up to receive his life-time award was awful and did not do a man of his stature justice.

He was a film Producer/Director, has written eight books and has been a mentor to many aspiring writers.

I believe a brief biography and description of this great man’s achievements should be done and published in the Ojo without delay.


Upset and Angry in Ajijic.

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