Ramblings From The Ranch – September 2022

Local Dog Rescue Organizations Come Together

The SOS Chapala Dog Rescue was closed in July by Chapala’s government after the land they had been using reverted to state ownership. While SOS had found places for the majority of their dogs in advance of the closure, many remained. 

When SOS reached out via social media for help on July 27, several local groups banded together to take the remaining dogs. “This is an example of the positive use of social media,” Bone Voyage board member Joe Howell said. “We saw the posting and thought, ‘we have got to help!’”

The Ranch, already running at full capacity (and with a waiting list of over 100 dogs!), took 11 of the SOS dogs — five prior to the closing and six at closing. Carolyn Cothran from The Ranch drove to SOS to help. Ranch staff Dulce Mejia and Manuel Ramos came with crates and a truck to collect six dogs for The Ranch and to help load all the other dogs.

Jena Olio from Clicker Pets Mexico took four dogs from SOS who were in need of training. Clicker Pets, located near Ixtlahuacan, is a training facility that has helped many rescues by training dogs that need some “extra help” in order to be considered adoptable.

Bone Voyage took in ten of the SOS dogs! They are currently housed at Beto Anaya’s ranch until they find homes. Bone Voyage is a rescue organization that coordinates the travel of Mexican rescue dogs to the United States and Canada.  Hopefully, the ten dogs from SOS will find north-of-the-border adopters soon and will travel to their new homes. 

All of these groups pitched in because they wanted to save the lives of dogs. How powerful we can be when we work  together! If you are a dog lover, please consider helping one or more of these organizations by volunteering or donating funds. Contact information for these groups is below.

The Ranch: You can sponsor a dog for $30USD per month through The Ranch’s website (www.theranchchapala.com). Foster families, flight angels, and dog walkers are needed as well.

Bone Voyage: Fostering is a super-easy way to help Bone Voyage. You can also volunteer to fly dogs up north. Follow Bone Voyage Volunteer Community on Facebook for more information. 

Clicker Pets of Mexico: While this is not a “rescue,” they have done much to help the local dog community. They are currently in need of a new well and you can find out more on the Clicker Pets Mexico Facebook page.

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For more information about Lake Chapala visit: chapala.com

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