Profiling Tepehua – January 2023

Welcome to another year. A time to make amends and change things we can if they disturbed us last year. Try to find a private place for grief and spread happiness by being part of what is happening in your world. Looking back, what is it that has plagued the world for a long time we still haven’t fixed? Water and sanitation.

Epoch Times and World Health claim the one key environmental threat facing mankind is the increasing lack of potable water. Without drinking water we are in immediate lethal peril. Even in developed countries there are contaminants in the drinking water systems. World-wide two million people drink and thousands die each year from preventable waterborne diseases, while dead fish litter our lakes and shorelines.

Among the most hazardous pollutants are arsenic, fluoride, nitrate, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and PFAS substances. Add metals from the volcanic rock terrain runoff, and you have quite a deadly cocktail.

Drinking bottled water is the new norm unless you have filters in your house or a private well. That works well for thousands but not for millions who are barely surviving across our world. It is safe to say those that are able to afford the bottle are on it for life. Water is life. In the famous “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” (1798),  Samuel Coleridge mused,  “Water. Water everywhere but not a drop to drink!” Sadly, that is where we find ourselves today. Not everything has been rendered by man. Mother Nature herself played a part, but minor and fixable; the rest, man must be held accountable for.

Facing the fact we cannot change what we have rendered, we can change who we are for the future. We can´t fix what we have done but we can change how we do it. The world water problem is so huge that to solve it we will have to move mountains and come up with a sustainable plan.

We at Lakeside are doing the best we can by putting a Band-Aid on the problem of potable water. The Tepehua Community Center is putting a program together to get free potable water to those under the poverty line. A simple Robin Hood plan, where we are capable of preparing 300 garrafones per day of pure water. We have our own distribution center, approved by the Health Department. But we need your help in 2023.  If you buy our garrafones we can then give other garrafones to the poor, or sell them at cost, depending on what socioeconomic level the family is in. 

Without leaving your couch you can buy your delivered water as usual, but with the pleasure of knowing each glass of sparkling water you drink is providing one to a child or his mother for whom water is a luxury that the father cannot provide, if there is a father. No stress or strain to you, just a feel-good moment. We have to be sustainable or this program will not work, reality dictates we turn it into a reliable business to service the poor. 

This author claims the right to be proud of the work the Lakeside people do for their less fortunate brothers and sisters. We all have the right to be proud. Enjoy your world. It is all we have and what a beautiful world it is. Let´s take care of it.

To join up for this project call Adam King at 332 627 1274 or e-mail

Meanwhile, enjoy your world of 2023, it is as you have made it, and if you are not pleased with it, change it.

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