Tom Nussbaum

Tom Nussbaum is a retired Seattle special education instructor. He has lived in Mexico since 2015. He has written three novels; “Completing the Course,” “The Boy in the Book,” and “The Dark Blue Heart;” a memoir “An ‘H’ of a Life;” and a collection of short stories, “The Clothes in the Closet. . .and the Tales They Tell.”

Tom Nussbaum

Just A Jock

I should have known better. I was, after all, twenty. But there I was, watching the 1968 Democratic National Convention when I saw professional football player Roosevelt Grier, sitting among the California delegation, knitting. I was stunned. “OMG,” I gasped decades before the phrase had been coined. “He’s not just a jock. He has interests […]

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I Want Answers

 I have questions, questions that have haunted me for years. And I want answers. Oh, I know I could find the answers with a smidge of research. But I am lazy and suspect the answers, logical, scientific, historical, economic, and socio-political based as they may be, are faulty, incomplete, and likely conspiracy-driven by drag queens.

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That looks like an airline reservation confirmation code, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. It is, however, one of my favorite vanity plates. It was on an expensive car, the make I’ve forgotten, the kind that wealthy country club folk drive. People with names like Thurston Howell III. It took several minutes of deciphering, but I

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Fade Out

Patrick O’Rourke’s smile was as white as an Irish Easter lily, his eyes radiant blue like the Irish Sea glistening in the sun. He was, as his name implied, Irish through-and-through. His pale skin was as pure as a freshly laundered Irish linen bedsheet. But the Catholic twenty-six-year-old’s black hair wasn’t particularly Gaelic and, typical

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