The Undertow

Before moving to Mexico in 2005, I lived for ten years at Virginia Beach, Virginia, only one block from the powerful Atlantic Ocean. Many happy hours were spent strolling among the highs and lows of gentle currents, knowing all the while that the pull of moon and tides could spell danger. Would I get caught in an undertow, be carried out to unpredictable depths and not be able to return under my own power? Twice I experienced hurricanes where it was necessary to run inland for protection. Situations such as this exist in many places, in many group conversations, where we may feel the need to run for protection against forces that are hard to detect and yet can be felt by the soul. 

Today, from my current vantage point in the mountains of Mexico, I observe that the United States is having its highs and lows. Not only the US, but many countries around the world are struggling to maintain stability while being eroded by forces attacking below the surface.

Perhaps the root cause is a natural force that divides everything into opposites—back and forth, up and down, progress/withdrawal, light/dark, truth/lies, gravity/levity, etc. Are unseen undertow forces pulling on human decisions regarding right and wrong, moral and amoral? If there are, then we could choose to pay attention to the opposite forces that are contained in the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, God, or others whom, we have been told many times, show us how to live. Just as a beautiful wave can lure us into depths and danger, there are other options to consider.

 I am sure that most of you reading this article are familiar with some of the wording in the US Constitution that left out any reference to women taking part in government. After many years and valiant efforts, women obtained the right to vote and, gradually, found ways to participate in governing. However, at this moment, there is a push to take away women’s decisions concerning their own bodies.

Joan of Arc stood and acted fearlessly with iron faith in her guiding angels headed by the Archangel Michael. As she faced battle and betrayal, she called to the world, as we can each do now, “I was born for this!”

All over Mexico there are festivals and works of art honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe and The Archangel Michael Fighting the Dragon to remind us that there are positive spiritual forces here to be called on and who are constantly on our side.

Let us remember the grand Roman Empire that collapsed, rotten to the core with debt, corruption, and egotism. If we don’t want that to happen now, let’s muster our individual strengths and stand up for the good, remembering, “I was born for this!”

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