If Our Pets Could Talk – June 2023

I think the proposed new 16% IVA tax on pet foods will have a monumental ‘house of cards’ or ‘domino’ effect on those who are the neediest of the Mexican population.  At present time, when the general population is struggling very hard to provide for their families, including their family pet who gives them great joy and pride, this tax will have a devastating effect.  The main reason that a person surrenders or abandons their animals is due to economics. At present time, most shelters are over-flowing with abandoned and abused animals. The burden of providing for these animals is taken up for the most part by individual donations to support shelters or those persons who rescue an animal off the street.

 I believe that this extra cost on pet food will increase the volume pet abuse and abandonment, create a significant influx of animals at shelters that are already bulging and decrease the financial ability of those who  rescue, foster and feed abandoned animals. Many individuals who do this out of the goodness of their hearts, will be less able to support this effort because of the increased cost of pet food.

I understand the need for revenue by taxation, but better understand taxation on those items, such as cigarettes, sugary items and alcohol  which do not create a positive influence in the  life of citizens. These names items in their own way generate a negative impact on individuals in the area of economics, health and safety. These negative outcomes include  drunk  driving, obesity, diabetes, lung diseases,  etc. There are many small mom-and-pop stores that sell pet food in small quantities [ 30 – 50 pesos at a time ] to local families, whose small business will also be negatively affected. 

There has been a coordinated and cooperative effort  of Mexican Nationals and the Expat community together at lakeside providing educational programs in schools that help reinforce citizenship, pride, dependability and humanity and includes pet ownership responsibility. There is a positive outcome of pet ownership for young children, as it helps prepare them for adulthood. With this proposed tax there will be less of a chance for the child to have a family pet and learn these positive life lessons.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

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Jackie Kellum

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