I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up 

There really probably ought to be a way out of this absurd situation Miss Em thought. She’d never been in anything even remotely like this before. At least she was nearly on her back stuck in here and not on top of her head with her feet sticking up. Just then Miss Priss,  her old cat, jumped up on top of the book case and looked down at her. She seemed to be wondering what her person was doing playing hide and go seek behind the old bookcase. Usually the cat was the one hiding out back there. Meow? She asked. “Well, I do not want to  be here, I fell in, OK? Why don’t you stop asking dumb questions and help get me out of here?” Miss Priss tilted her furry head to the side. She sure seemed to be thinking about it. Em was sure her longtime friend would come up with an answer. Sure, she was just a cat. Her brain not so big. But Em knew she was much smarter than the average cat. Prissy walked up and down on top of the bookcase looking the situation over. She jumped down and pulled a few books off the lowest shelf and looked back there. It was a very old and heavy thing. Had a solid back. No help there. She pulled a few more books off in frustration, meowed a bit and headed out the cat flap. Em breathed a few times and decided a cat might actually be able to summon help somehow. She was a long time prowler of the neighborhood and people knew Em was alone. I could die here. What an idiot way to die. Oh God, I’m probably not worth saving, but please, please do not make me have to leave earth this way. It is just so stupidly undignified. My death will be a joke. I mean, yeah, OK, it is funny. But only if I get out of here. Now I know that the way people keep their phone in their hand 24/7 is actually functional. Oh, how I wish I had it now.

It seemed like hours but eventually Prissy did show back up. There she was on top of the case. She gave an encouraging meow as she dropped a lovely yellow double hibiscus onto Ems chest. Oh, thank you, just what I needed, a funeral flower. Hope sort of took a bit of a nose dive. Couldn’t you at least have brought me a rope? A bottle of water? A chocolate bar? How about my phone? Stupid, how could a cat carry a cell phone? And why do I even think she knows I need it? But, Priss was there to rise to the occasion and the phone was in Em’s little shopping bag. Priss went for it after a bit of thought and some paw licking. Sure enough she was able to drag the bag all the way to the top of the  case and drop it on Em. She dug the phone out called her key holding neighbor. Uh, I’m in need of a bit of assistance here. Could you and your gardener please come over? Yes, yes, just come on in and promise me you won’t laugh. I’m not exactly hurt, but I have fallen and I can’t get up.

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