LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 1 – December 2009



mail-box-full-colorDear Sir:

KUDOS to Lakeside Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation! Somehow a deer fawn (spotted deer, I think) stumbled, or was chased into my enclosed yard with no escape. Last Saturday evening about 5pm I called Lakeside Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation and within ½ hour two people from this organization, along with Dr. Pepe, the vet in Riberas and his assistant, arrived to tranquilize the animal.

All four looked tired; it’s fair to speculate that none wanted to chase down a scared fawn, who, trust me, really did not want to be captured. These folks arrived with nets and had the expertise to avoid injury to the animal and hopefully themselves. They were able to tranquilize it and will screen for health issues, treat if necessary, and release into the appropriate habitat.

From what I know of Dr. Pepe, he either volunteered or is not earning big pesos for his contribution. I want to thank all involved and consider them an asset in our community deserving of support. I believe they are non-profit and I plan to put some pesos in their can at the first opportunity.

Stephen Sobel

Chula Vista, Jalisco

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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