Lakeside Living – July 2009

Lakeside Living
By Kay Davis

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July 2009

      Events are listed by date, like a calendar: past events, then those planned for the future. Some organizations offer multiple events or dates, and these items appear at the end of the column.
      The “greening” of our hills has brought us, along with the rain, a sense of relief with cooler temperatures and a joy in seeing the hills alive with color again. It also inspires hikers to climb the trails so they can look for waterfalls and petroglyphs. If you are planning to do so, please take care. There are precautions you should take. And always keep an eye out for wildlife. While we do have some waterfalls close in and high up, petroglyphs may require a day trip and a climb. There are some at Tuxcueca on the south shore and some above Mezcala, east of Chapala. If you go to Mezcala, you might also choose to tour the museum in town and/or take the boat trip to the island to see the history closer up.
      This month we have a double-hitter with CASA, the Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic – a meeting in late May and one in June. Generally their monthly meetings are late in the afternoon, but in May the smells that greeted arrivals reminded them of brunch. Linda Brown of Los Artistas Bed and Breakfast was the May speaker, talking  about the challenges of keeping breakfast interesting and satisfying for B&B guests. In the first category of Sweet or Savory Brunch Dishes, Alice Hutson won first place for her Brie and Thee Strata. Corbett Merchant won second place for his Fritatta Roll, and Cheryl Davis won third place for her Mexican Breakfast Casserole. In Sweet Muffins or Bread, Evelyn Cronin won first place for her Banana Crunch Muffins. Kenee Campo won second place for her Hawaiian Sweet Bread with Tropical Butter. Third place went to Lydia Cortex for her Orange Date Nut Bread. In People’s Choice, Cheryl Davis won for her Mexican Breakfast Casserole, and Chris Bublin won for her Tropic Orange Sticky Buns.

CASA May Winners (Sweet Muffins or Bread)

      For the June meeting, CASA enticed all with the smells and tastes of Oriental cooking, spiced with a presentation on the appeal of fusion dishes. In the first category of Asian or Oriental Entrees, Mary Ann Waite won first place for her Asian Grilled Shellfish. Monica Molloy took second place for her Crab, Pork and Shrimp Rolls, and Louise Drummond took third place honors for her Chinese Chicken Salad. In the second category, first place for Puddings and Mousses went to Marianne O’Halloran for her Turkish Coffee Pudding. Second place went to Wayne Palfrey for his Chocolate Walnut Mousse and third place went to Karen Rowell for her Chocolate Frangelico and Hazelnut Mousse. Greg Couillard, chef at the Number 4 restaurant in Ajijic, told what brought him to Fusion cooking and how he incorporates it into every dish he prepares. He also talked about his new line of spice rubs and chutneys, which will be available locally. People’s Choice first place went to Corbett Merchant for his Sweet and Sour Pineapple Pork.  People’s Choice in the second category again went to Marianne O’Halloran for her Turkish Coffee Pudding.

CASA June Winners
(Puddings and Mousses)

      Patrick Winn closed the meeting by welcoming new members, and he encouraged the group to bring guests who would also enjoy learning about and eating good food. Those interested are invited to come as guests. For more information on CASA and joining the group, call Patrick at 766 4842 or he can be reached by emailing
      On June 14 some of the group of Los Cantantes del Lago, founded by Millicent Brandow, set their guests on fire at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Riberas del Pilar. The concert was for the benefit of the Los Cantantes’ Central Mexico Tour 2009. Joining Millicent were Timothy G. Ruff Welch, music director of Los Cantantes, Amy Friend, John Jones, Mac Morison, and Amaranta Santos, along with Noé Raygoza, well known local performer who provided some of Elvis Presley’s biggest hit songs. The group did the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Broadway musicals and opera. Amaranta Santos nearly brought down the house with her rendition of “Granada”. Don Wiedeman provided excellent sound. It was a magical afternoon, punctuated by enthusiastic applause.

Los Cantantes Performers, plus John Jones and Noé Raygoza

Millicent Brandow, originator of Los Cantantes

      The Ajijic Writers Film Forumended the season with Chicago (2003) on June 23, 2009 at the Plaza Jardin Restaurant and Theater.  Proceeds help fund a scholarship program through Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic for a creative writing student. The program will continue in the fall. For information call Victoria Schmidt at 765–5858. See more about Victoria under “The American Legion” within this column.
      July 23 at 3 p.m. Miss Sydney Gay and the Amazing Axtell Puppets will be performing at La Bodega. This is an original show created by singer-actress Sydney Gay, aided and abetted by her motley crew of engaging life-size puppets. Her puppets are famous in 27 countries as “Make the World Laugh” creations. The show is charming, full of spirit and humor. Drinks and snacks are free; show starts at 3:30. Stay for dinner and dancing with Deejay Cindy Paul. Cover charge for dinner is $100 pesos.

Miss Sydney Gay with an Axtell Puppet

      The American Legion post #7 schedule for June:
      July Sundays, all month – 12 – 3 p.m. Legion Grill (burgers, beans, salad)
      July 1 – 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. US Consulate & Social Security
      July 1 – 3 p.m. Canada Day, special guest – Kathryn Aleong, Cdn Consul
      July 3 – 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Yard Sale
      July 4 – 12 – 3 p.m. Fourth of July Picnic
      July 6 – 11 a.m. Legion Executive Board Meeting; 1 p.m. Events Mtg
      July 7 – 11 a.m. Auxiliary Executive Board Meeting
      July 16 – 5 p.m. 9th Meatloaf Contest
      July 20 – 5 p.m. Parrothead Shrimp Boil Dinner
      July 30 – 3 p.m. Lone Star gathering – be a Texan!
      The Legion also publishes a monthly magazine called Roll Call. Since Victoria Schmidt became editor last September, the issues have focused on Legion charitable events, Mexican history and US military history. But the surprise is the amount of new material, including fiction.

Victoria Schmidt, Editor, Roll Call for the Legion

      Victoria Schmidt is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary and as the Legion parliamentarian, attends all meetings of both the ladies and the men. She participates in charitable work for Mi Bebe y Yo, a group that supports children’s needs. And Victoria is an active member of the Ajijic Writers Group, co-founder of the Chapala Writers Group, and administrator for the Ajijic Writers Film Forum. Take a look at the next Roll Call.
      July 25, 10 – 4 p.m., the Lake Chapala Society will be having their summer Fiesta. Normal activities will be suspended for the day. Food booths, drinks (including libations) will be scattered around the campus. A judge will award winners in the category of Kid’s Art, and their art will be for sale. Those who sell the most win an additional cash award. Come, join the fun.
      Healthcare week at LCS runs from July 13 –17. Open to all:
       Mon      10 – 12             blood pressure monitoring
       Mon      10 – 1               pneumonia shots
       Mon      11 – 4               hearing testing, aid service
       Tues     10 – 11:30         diabetic screening
       Wed     10 – 12:30         skin cancer screening
       Thurs    10 – 4               optometrist
       Fri        10 – 11:45         “What to do before Cruz Roja arrives”

LCS 2nd place winner for 2008, Victor Romero, with parents
and Nancy Creevan, President of LCS

      Cruz Roja provides our community with often life-saving services, often with eye-blinking speed. If you should need help, there are ways you can help them so they can help you better. Some health services may require signing up in advance or may have fees. We are sorry to report the passing of Jean Dressler. Many of you have known her through her programs at LCS, both Talking Books and the exercise class. She was a friend and inspiration to many.
      Lakeside Little Theater thanks those who contributed to the success of Summer Studio 2009. Graham Miller and his group of directors (Don Chaloner, Fred Koesling, Russell Mack, Ann Swiston, Harry Walker, Michael Warren, and Liz White) led a large and talented cast through the play Passengers. Along with familiar faces, there were new and talented actors debuting.
      There will be two auditions in August, first for the political comedy Regrets Only, written by Paul Rudnick and directed by Barbara Clippinger. Auditions will take place Friday & Saturday, August 7 & 8; four women and two men are needed. Performances will be September 26 – October 4. For scripts & information, contact Trish Conner at 766-5233 or email Barbara at
      The second August audition is for the classic murder-mystery The Mousetrap, written by Agatha Christie and directed by Roseann Wilshere. Auditions are Friday & Saturday, August 28 & 29, looking for three women and five men. Performances are October 31 – November 9, with no performance on November 2. For scripts & information, contact Diane Jones at 765-2414 or email at
      If you would like to volunteer behind the scenes, the LLT is always looking for people to train in lighting, sound, wardrobe, props, make-up, stage managing and other positions. Contact Don Chaloner at 766-1975 or email at
      To reserve a seat at all of this season’s line-up of shows, be sure to come to the Season Ticket Renewals & New Sales event in the LLT lobby on September 8 & 9 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Season tickets for six shows is $800 pesos per person, compared to $150 pesos for individual tickets. See you there!
      Mexican Holidays for July:
      July 16         Nuestra Señora del Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) is widely honored. Festivities in the Chapala barrio, same name.
      July 25         Ixtlahuacán (Ixt-lah-wah-caan’) de los Membrillos celebrates fiestas patronales honoring Santo Santiago (St. James the Greater), a popular patron distinguished as the first Christian saint to appear on Mexican shores. Colorful representations in Tonalá feature Santiago battling evil pagan forces (masked Tastoán dancers).
      Open Circle at LCS on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.:
      July 5           Dionne Reid – How to add life to your years
      July 12         Charlie Fagan – Freedom from religion
      July 19         TBA
      July 26         Otto Rand, Don Edwards & Robert Croog – on religion
      Aug 2           Robert Kleffel – a scientific view of happiness
      In May Ron Stauth talked about strategies for staying healthy in our retirement, and in June Bill Sanders told us about his adventure in traveling the Americas, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. As you see, the topics are eclectic!

Ron Stauth
Bill Sanders

      VIVA! La Musica’s schedule at the Auditorium in La Floresta:
      July 30         Operatic arias by International workshop participants
      Aug 27         Jose White Quartet from Aguascalientes
      Sep 10         Opera The Elixir of Love by Donizetti conducted by Luis Rodriguez
      Oct 8           Cuauhtemoc García Jazz Flute combo
      Series tickets            $900 pesos for members, $1,250 for non-members
      or per concert           $200 pesos for members, $300 pesos for
                               non-members, except the September opera which
                               will be $250 pesos for members, $350 for
      Viva will install iron hand rails in the La Floresta auditorium.  These much needed safety additions will be ready in time for the scheduled concerts itemized above. Viva also wants to optimize the acoustics inside the La Floresta Auditorium. If you have expertise in acoustics, or know of someone who does, please contact Rosemary Keeling at
      Patrons of Viva la Musica will be given preferred seating in the bus on trips to concerts and also at concerts where assigned seating is not available.
Viva is considering taking a group to the Mariachi Festival in September at the Degollado Theater in Guadalajara with an overnight stay in a hotel. Please contact Rosemary Keeling if you would be interested in going.
      Viva is also interested in concerts at the Cervantino Festival, October 14 – November 1. Please contact Rosemary Keeling.

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