By Gudrun Jones, Co-Founder & President
of the Lakeside Spay & Neuter Center


pawprint-july09She is just a little thing, hungry lost and afraid. It is only a dog and so many of her species face the same fate and we are unaware of the plight that goes on around us. This one was lucky, for the little dog was found and is being fostered at the Maskaras Farmacia until someone gives her a forever home. Her hair is starting to shine again and is beginning to feel silky to the touch and her beauty is starting to show; but then to me all dogs are beautiful. When I was outside of the Farmacia taking pictures of her, several people commented on how cute this little blond cocker spaniel was and I hoped someone would take her and give her the love she hungers for. One bystander in particular seemed interested, but then he told me that he was leaving for the USA where he had made a down payment on a dog of a very rare breed.

For the world of me I cannot understand people who pay an extraordinary amount of money to get what they call a “rare and unusual breed” of a dog when there are so many needy dogs right here who can be all the things a dog should be. I often wonder what people, who need this kind of animal to make them feel important, would have done if they ever had a child who was not exactly what they had hoped for—just a plain and ordinary child. Of course unlike a dog, for a child to have a pedigree—it needs to have pedigree parents.

The dog of the month at the Ranch is Lucky, a black Lab Mix about three years old. He has no pedigree but he is beautiful. Lucky was found wandering the streets in Chapala and was lucky to be brought to the Ranch, then lucky to find a foster home and lucky enough where his foster dad wanted to ship him back to Nova Scotia to give him a forever home there. But his luck has ran out. His foster dad needs a hip replacement and won’t be able to take him on the long walks Lucky loves so much. All he needs is one more shot of luck to find a person who will love him and take him on those long walks where he can romp, be the pup at heart that he still is and feel like the world belongs to him. There are many dogs at the Ranch that should be featured as dog of the month for they are all looking for a home and are definitely pet material. All it takes is as little time to make them that dog who is right for you. All it takes is a phone call and someone will take you there. 766-3813

The Ranch always has a Wish List. Right now on top of that list is any kind of Tick and Flea prevention, also needed are volunteers, dog food, building materials, fencing, roofing—all the things that you can’t use—we will use.

Donations can be dropped at Handy Mail, #159C-2 San Antonio, Tlay., 1 block east of Superlake.

For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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