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benjaminEarlier we defined reverse aging as the removal of residual acidic waste products from our cells. Having a definition gives us choices, additional ways to choose youth over aging. We can choose to drink liquids that are alkaline as one way to help in this process.

Acidity and alkalinity are measured on the pH scale (0 to 14) in which the values below 7 are acidic, those above 7 are alkaline and 7 is neutral. Acidic water has more H+ ions than OH- ions. Conversely, water with more OH- ions than H+ ions is alkaline water.

We think of water as being H2O, but this ratio exists only when the pH is Neutral (7). Alkaline water has fewer H+ ions than OH- ions and so contains more excess Oxygen atoms. Acidic water has more H+ ions and fewer Oxygen atoms.

Our bodies work constantly to maintain human blood at a pH of 7.3 to 7.45. The more acidic we are, the harder our bodies have to work to maintain this homeostasis. Blood with a pH of 7.45 contains 64.9% more excess Oxygen atoms than blood with a pH of 7.3. There is a big difference in the amount of excess oxygen available between these two samples of blood. It makes sense to opt for higher oxygen levels whenever we can.

Following is a chart of the pH levels of familiar liquids. Consider the relative amounts of oxygen in these drinks.

Cola (one brand)                                        2.5

Beer (one brand)                                        4.7

Typical bottled water                                7.8

Alkaline water                                           10.00


Soft drinks are extremely acidic. In order to neutralize one glass of cola it takes 32 glasses of high alkaline water. One glass of cola added to 10 gallons of water with a pH of 7.4 (slightly alkaline) will lower the pH of 10 gallons of water to 4.6 (very acidic). Our bodies contain about 10 gallons of fluid. Just imagine the impact on your body and how much harder it must work to maintain homeostasis.

Considering alkalinity and oxygen levels in our water just adds to the importance of treating our water effectively. For example, chlorine (an acid) is frequently used to treat water. It is an effective disinfectant, but is harmful when ingested in large quantities. Not only that, it also combines with hydrocarbons (organic materials) in the water to form carcinogenic chlorinated hydrocarbons. Think of tea, or of vegetables cooking in water. This is not a healthy combination.

What does this mean in terms of “reverse aging”? If aging is the accumulation of old waste products within our body, and these waste products are acidic, our goal must be to help the body to dispose of more acidic waste products.

Since waste products are carried out by the blood and disposed of in liquid form, drinking the right kinds of liquids, including water, can be helpful. The best kind of water for this function is acid-free alkaline water, which neutralizes harmful acids and disposes of them safely while it does not leach out valuable alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium.

The above information is taken from the book Reverse Aging by Sang Whang, based on his study of the research from Japan, Germany, and Korea.

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