By Alison Pickering
Reviewed by Pat Percival


Beyond-The-WallsAs you stroll through the village of Ajijic, do you ever wonder what surprises might be found beyond all those walls? In this, her second book, Alison Pickering has provided us with a guided journey through some of the area’s most enchanting homes. Beginning with entrances and ending with back patios, statuary and fountains, we view a myriad of styles and themes utilized by the owners of these homes.

The architects and artisans responsible for the design of many of the homes and the works which adorn them are always identified—just in case you might want to do a little remodeling yourself.

I was particularly impressed with the myriad colors and the artistic variety, from whimsy to elegance.

Alison was born in Canada. Since 1983, when her parents retired to live in Mexico, she and her husband became frequent visitors. She fell in love with Mexico and with photography, and she and her husband now divide their time between Mexico and Canada.

This book is a definite cut above the average coffee table book. I have toured through the book several times—the many images are so rich and have already enhanced my own love affair with Mexico.

Beyond the Walls would make an exceptional gift for a friend or family member and provides a great answer to the question many of us hear when we go back to visit our own countries, “Why do you live in Mexico?”?

(Ed. Note: This outstanding picture book can be purchased at many of the main shopping venues around Lakeside. It sells for 500 pesos, of which Ms. Pickering will generously donate 450 pesos to the Lakeside School for the Deaf.)

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