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Okay, Ah’ve had about enuff of these publications in “English” at Lakeside. Ah was happy to see in the Index of the May 2009 Ojo del Lago the article listed under the caption “Grammar Pointers” by John Ward (page 25, “A Brief History of the Non-Sexual Use and Abuse of the English Language”)!

Ah have been trying for months to convince yore idiotor to run a reg’lar column dedicated to the incorrect usage of the English language in Lakeside periodicals. Ah’m specially  upset when Ah see “I” when “me” is correct, a frequent malady here. Recently President Obama came under fire for saying “Michelle and I” when English grammar requires “Michelle and me”! (The President’s apologists went so far as to quote Shakespeare as having done the same, overlooking the possibility that the characters in his plays might have required the Bard to illustrate their faux elitism.) Even Hillary stated (at the Kennedy Center) shortly after Bill’s inauguration: “It is a pleasure for my husband Bill and I to be here” and escaped criticism; however, my favorite malapropism is Jay Leno’s statement: “Today is my wife and I’s anniversary.”

But I stray from my purpose. Mr. Ward, who would attempt to edify the rest of us, states in the first paragraph of his article: “She had gone to the grocery store…” but only if you are trying to establish that this event occurred before another event to which in the narrative.” I dunno. Seems sumpin’s wrong. Perhaps the proof-reader missed it? Should it read: “… before another event in the narrative”?

Than theirs this: “Now we have an economy which has been destroyed by the philosophy of a free and unregulated market being able to take care of itself….” I dunno. I tho’t gerunds following nowns required the possessive form of the nown: “…market’s being able to take care of itself….” I don’t mean to be overly critical, but shouldn’t someone whose trying to ejucate the rest of us do a better job?

Then, I looked on the facing page (No. 24, for those of you who are number challenged) and saw my good ole Texas buddy Jay White a-writin’ this: “I need to come out and give yawl an estimate….” Now, dammit, Jay! I growed up in Texas. I know the difference between “yawl” (a boat) and “y’all” (you all — or in Arkansas, “you’uns”)! If yer gonna write Texan, spell it rite!!!

Donald Williams

Riberas del Pilar

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