By Gudrun Jones, Co-Founder & President
of the Lakeside Spay & Neuter Center


doberman-hungryThere are times when I wonder how my heart can keep on beating, it has been broken so many times that I think the cracks will make it crumble and it will no longer function. Sometimes I wish that I could put an iron cast around my heart so it can feel no more. Today again I felt the pain of a breaking heart when I had to retrieve a little dog that only a few days ago had found a home of its own. “It doesn’t work out,” I was told over the phone.

When I arrived at the home and rang the bell the little dog greeted me at the door. With a wagging tail and happy little barks he ran around the room picking up various items that he deemed to be his, showing me all his treasures. He ran from me, back to his owner, back to me not sure where to place his allegiance. On the way to the car, tail still wagging, he kept looking back for his master, not wanting to go anyplace without him. At the Ranch it finally dawned on him that he was no longer wanted, the tail stopped wagging and in the darkness of his eyes I saw the question “Why?” I could not answer it; all I could do is hold him and cry with him. At the Ranch he will be wanted and loved by a few wonderful volunteers who will care for him.

It is not easy to be a volunteer at an animal organization. It takes commitment. Once a day is pledged it must take precedence over anything else that arises except a serious illness or a real emergency. Animals are living, breathing creatures and can not be put aside and tended to later in the day.

The Lakeside Spay & Neuter Center, A.C. (“LSNC,A.C.) is always looking for volunteers and if you decide to join us whether it is with an offer to help clean the Ranch,  collect money, be involved with our fundraisers or come to spend time with the dogs that otherwise will be forgotten, you will be an important member of our organization.   When you help collect money remember that every peso counts; when you help clean the Ranch—remember that every hand counts; when you spend time with the dogs—remember that every minute counts; and if you take part in the fundraising—remember that every idea counts….

If you are a volunteer and give help to the neediest of needy then know that without you the LSNC, A.C. could not function. Even though the work you do is rewarded only by the knowledge that you heal broken hearts and broken trust, it propels you into a league of your own and makes you a person that knocks on the door of greatness. For how greater can a person be then the one who gives of himself, respects all life and knows that the well being of a breathing living thing can never be replaced by worldly goods. Out of many only a few will shine and you, the volunteer, will be the bright and shining light of the LSNC. Become a Volunteer, learn dog language and make your life count. For more information call Gudrun Jones 766-3813

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