By Gudrun Jones

Co-Founder & President of the Lakeside Spay & Neuter Center, A.C.


doberman-hungryI have a special place in my heart for animals; while I certainly have sympathy for humans, (I even love a few) I reserve my passion for animals. I wish for everyone to lead a good life but I feel that people have some control over their destiny, unlike animals that are at our mercy and can’t do much on their own behalf. I feel it is my duty to speak for them.

Far too often animals are abused, neglected and used for cruel entertainment or for laboratory experiments. Laws passed for their protection are often ignored or simply not enforced. But we can make a difference if we speak out against animal abuse, raise awareness about the plight of these innocent creatures and stop breeding, (there is no such thing as responsible breeding) people breed in an effort to have that perfect specimen of a dog. Often a litter consists of ten or more pups, when they are small they are cute and it is relatively easy to find a home for a pure breed.

However too many times that perfect specimen becomes a burden, is no longer wanted and winds up on the street. Thousands of animals will suffer and die for they are born into a world whose homes and hearts don’t have room for them. Remember that having a great dog does not necessarily make you a great person and I always wonder what statement someone wants to make when they show of what they think is a perfect dog.

In my eyes all dogs are perfect. For every one companion animal that has a human family there are hundreds who barely survive, who never hear a kind word or are touched by a gentle hand. They live and die on the street and often death is as hard as was the living.

Every living entity has a right to warm shelter, food but most importantly they have a right to be wanted and loved. Many people dislike the thought of having an animal altered. They think of it as a cruel and unnecessary practice, but look at the alternative. Puppies and Kittens, who are no longer wanted, become strays, hungry, and unloved. That is a terrible fate and nothing that is alive should have to face being treated with contempt.

The lucky ones arrive at the Lakeside Spay and Neuter Center, A.C. where they find a loving refuge and where they will be safe until they ‘re even luckier and find a home of their own. Sadly for some that will never happen because of the trauma they have already suffered, because of the physical and mental scars of human cruelty that they will bear forever. They will never know the pleasure of belonging to someone who cares. At the Ranch they are comfortable, there they are in a place where they are loved and safe until that day when their suffering becomes too much and it will be more humane to release them from life then to keep them with us.

If you ever had a special animal in your life why not honor its memory by helping us care for the hungry and abused and give a safe heaven to the unwanted ones. Please check our Web page: For Information call Gudrun Jones 766-3813

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