El Ojo’s Writers’ Awards – November 2009

El Ojo’s Writers’ Awards




Few places on the planet do 

Give rise to a mystique. 

Lake Como does and Khatmandu, 

And then there’s Ajijic. 

A thousand sixty miles south

Of Phoenix burning heat.

It’s often known by word of mouth

Where literati meet.

D.H. Lawrence knew it well,

But not the only writer,

Who fled his inky urban hell

In search of somewhere brighter.

Contemporary writers find

The climate right for writing,

Their talents burst forth unconfined,

Their poems and prose exciting.

Take M.A. Porter, Mildred Boyd,

We cheer each tour-de-force,

Who never shall be unemployed

But underpaid, of course.

Thomas Hally, Tony Burton

Always write great book reviews;

And readers can be very certain

Ms.Van Ostrand will amuse.

A feature story unexplored

Will need the skills of Johnny Ward.

And poetry is whatsoe’er

Without the touch of Billy Frayer.

Jim Tipton, Gloria Marthai

Are fixtures in the firmament.

Both they and Mike McLaughlin try

To ever more be germinant.

Congratulations one and all;

We marvel at your wherewithal!

By Mark Sconce

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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