Lakeside Living – November 2009

Lakeside Living
By Kay Davis

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November 2009

     Events are listed by date, like a calendar: past events, then those planned for the future. Some organizations offer multiple events or dates, and these items appear toward the end of the column.
     On September 22 Rob & Kirsten Moore were married at La Nueva Posada. Both are Americans. Rob Moore is the son of Rob and Linda Moore of Lakeside. The bride and groom decided to hold their wedding where the senior Moores could share in the ceremony, here in Ajijic. The honeymoon was spent in México at an unspecified beach resort.
     In September, CASA, the Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic, honored Mexican Independence Day by focusing their presentations on Mexican desserts and main dishes. In the category of Southwest/Mexican Entrees, long time member Hazel Tash won first place for her Enchilada Casser-Olé. She also won for People’s Choice. Former CASA president Judy Whitford won second place for her Spanish Rice with Poblano Chilis, and current president Patrick Winn won third place for his Francisco’s Mexican Meatloaf. The second category was Southwestern/Mexican Desserts. Karen Rowell won first place for her Mexican Cajeta Chocolate with Raspberry Salsa and became a BING winner. The BING is awarded after a member wins first place three times during the year. Mary Ann Waite won second place for her Tres Kahlua Cheesecake, and Pam Parrish won People’s Choice and third place for her Tequila Surprise. For information on CASA, call Patrick at 766 – 4842 or email He would be pleased to invite those interested to come as his guest.

Karen Rowell, dessert winner, and BING award winner

     In October the Gonzalez Gallo Centro de Cultura in Chapala displayed paintings by Alfredo G?mez, a display called Paisajes de la Laguna (Lakeside landscapes). Wonderful detail in the artwork.

Alfredo G?mez artwork at the Train Station

     On October 10, Sol y Luna combined a display of art to close the exhibition by Ana Romo with a String Quartet concert. The quartet featured Chris Wilshere on violin with special guests from the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra: Sava Latzanik, violin; Robert Nelson, viola; and Jorge Mendoza, Cello.

Art by Ana Romo

     On October 18 the Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA) presented a variety of types of local artwork on the plaza. They displayed everything from paintings to jewelry to photography. Take a look at the drama in this painting, both the colors and the vivid structure of the plant.

Painting by G. Lott

     On November 1 at 4 p.m. Los Cantantes Del Lago will present a musical treat for Lakesiders. John Herbert Jones, baritone, and Timothy G. Ruff Welch, pianist, will perform an “Afternoon of Song” at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. The program will feature four styles of the art of song.
     Gambling Songs composed by John Jacob Niles, represent the folk songs popular along the Mississippi during the 1800’s. Gospel/Revival songs are also from that era. They will then perform seven English Art Songs composed by Roger Quilter who used the poetry of some of England’s greatest writers to create music that evokes the sentiments in the authors’ texts: Tennyson, Shelley, Campion and, especially, William Shakespeare. For the final segment of the concert, Jones has elected to sing four “arias” composed for the three principal male characters in the musical “Les Misérables.”
     John Jones is a veteran of Broadway musicals and the operatic stage. He is a proud member of Los Cantantes del Lago, who sponsor this concert as they did his first concert at Lakeside in March 2008.  Proceeds from this afternoon will help Los Cantantes in their community outreach programs.
     Tickets to An Afternoon of Song are $150 pesos, and can be obtained from Los Cantantes members, or by contacting Jan Feise at, or phone 766-2691. Also by e-mail to
     On November 10 Lakeside School for the Deaf is featuring the 5th Annual Fashion Extravaganza “Everything Old is New Again.” Contact either Leslie Martin at 766 – 2274, or Coco Wonchee at (045) 333-106-0585,
     On November 10 at 6 and 8 p.m., the Secret Garden will host Dilia’s Latin Jazz. The Secret Garden is at Hidalgo #8, Ajijic. Following a sell-out show on October 22, this performance has been added by popular request. Savor an evening of gourmet vegetarian food, fun and sensuality as can only be sung by a Latin heart. Denver-based Dilia sings jazz standards and songs from Brazil and all over Latin America. The talented musicians are Marco Landa, piano; Jimmy Barto, trumpet; Caello, drums; and Cesar Corona, bass. Tickets are $200 pesos. Call to order at 766 – 5213.

Dilia sings Latin Jazz

     On November 11 – 12 from 1 – 4 p.m., Love in Action (Amor en Acci?n) will put on a fund raiser with the assistance of Metin Bereketli, Hollywood’s “healing through art” painter. The shows will be at Pedro Moreno in Chapala where Love in Action provides an orphanage and shelter for children and young single mothers. Tickets will be sold at the door and at the Lake Chapala Society, or call Moonie at 763 – 5126. Price is $100 pesos per person. Snacks and a no host bar. Please help these beautiful children taken from neglect, abandonment and abuse.  email

Metin Bereketli, “healing through art” painter, with kids

     On November 21 – 22, from 2 – 5 p.m., The Spanglish Imposition will provide comedy favorites, inviting guests to laugh and play with them at the Improv 101 Workshop (FUNshop). They will appear at the Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation in Riberas del Pilar.  Cost is $100 pesos, reservations required. email


     On November 21, 22, 28 & 29 at Sol y Luna, Rio Bravo #19 in Ajijic, there will be Always…Patsy Cline, presented by My, My, How Nice! Productions. This will be the production company’s inaugural offering. The show has been one of the most actively produced shows in the world. The unforgettable Patsy Cline will be brought to life by Patteye Simpson, last seen as Kate in LLT’s Kiss Me Kate. Musical direction and accompaniment will be by Timothy Welch of Los Cantantes del Lago. Jayme Littlejohn, plays Louise Seeger. Part of the proceeds will benefit CREM/Golden Strings. Show times are 7:30 p.m., Sunday matinees at 4 p.m., bar open one hour in advance. Tickets at Diane Pearl Colecciones, and at Pedro’s Gourmet, or email

Patsy Cline

     December 1 (6:30 p.m.) and December 2 (12 noon no host bar, 1:30 lunch) is Christmas at the Tecnico Universitario en Hoteleria Jaltepec. Attendees will enjoy a three course roast turkey dinner plus a taste of the Los Cantantes choir. Tickets are $400 pesos for December 1 and $350 pesos for lunch on December 2. Contact Linda Buckthorp at 766 – 1631,
     The American Legion post #7 schedule for November:
Sundays, all month: 12 – 3 p.m. Legion Grill (burgers, beans, salad)
Nov  2 –  11 a.m. Legion Executive Board Meeting, 1 p.m. Events Ctte          
Nov  3 –  11 a.m. Auxiliary Executive Board Meeting
Nov  4 –   9:30 – 11:30 a.m. US Consulate (Note: No more Social Security)
Nov  6 –   8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Yard Sale
Nov 11 –  Veterans Day/Remembrance Day
Nov 26 – 4 p.m. American Thanksgiving Dinner
Nov 30 –  4 p.m. Snowbird Welcome
     Lakeside Little Theater news:
The Lakeside Little Theatre regrets that the final play for this season, Dracula, to be directed by Tod Jonson, scheduled performances April 3 – 11, 2010 will not be presented. LLT’s Board of Directors are deciding on a replacement show. All members and patrons will be advised.
     LLT’s second performance is the Agatha Christie mystery The Mousetrap, directed by Roseann Wilshere. Performances are October 31 – November 9, with no performance on November 2. There will be a special performance of the hit comedy Old Love, written by and starring Canada’s most popular playwright, Norm Foster and showcasing Patricia Vanstone. Performances are November 19 – 22, tickets available during the run of The Mousetrap at the Theater Box Office during regular box office hours for $150 pesos.

The Mousetrap

     Music Appreciation Society (MAS) Season Tickets 2009 – 2010 are $1000 pesos, $1200 or $1500 pesos for each reserved seat. This year’s program:
November 17 – Three Tenors and a Soprano: opera arias
December 16 – Flamenco: Antonio Jimenez “El Chupete” and seven artists
January 14 – Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra: a “Night in Vienna”
February 9 – Three Sopranos: opera arias, duos, trios
March 23 – Two Guitarists Extraodinaire: Juanito Pazcual 
     Taxi service for patrons can be arranged for after the show at or patrons may sign up at the Auditorio fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled opening. .
     Mexican Holidays for November:
     Nov 1-2 Día de todos Santos and Día de los Muertos (All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day) – unique festive practices derived from a blending of pre-Hispanic rituals and Christian customs. Mexicans honor their dead by decorating graves and attending memorial services in cemeteries.
Food is laid out both to honor and to entice visit by departed souls who are invited to share in the festivities as if still alive.
Nov 12 Día del Cartero (Mailman’s Day) is an occasion to show appreciation to the postmaster and mail carriers.
Nov 20  Día de la Revoluci?n Mexicana The  Mexican Revolution marked by parades.
Nov 22  Día de Santa Cecilia (Saint Cecilia’s Day), the patroness of musicians is celebrated boisterously by Mariachi bands.
Nov 30  Ajijic celebrates fiestas patronales honoring San Andrés (Saint Andrew the Apostle).
Dec   6 San Nicolás de Ibarra, near the Vista del Lago subdivision, celebrates fiestas patronales honoring Saint Nicholas.
    Open Circle at LCS on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.:
Nov 1           Michael Warren
Nov 8           John de Waal – reality check
Nov 15         Don Aitken
Nov 22         Doc McGee – naturopathy and your immune system
Nov 29         Kevin Knox – Buddhism without beliefs
Dec  6          David Seligson – Age of Enlightenment
Dec 13         Todd Stong – more on Lakeside infrastructure
     –VIVA! La Musica’s schedule. Contact Rosemary Keeling for any of these trips (766 – 1801):
Nov  6 Bus trip to the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra concert, 8:30; concert includes works by Borodin, Rimsky Korsakov and a Tchaikovsky violin concierto.
Nov 26 Bus trip to Morelia, return Nov 29 – This trip is fully booked with a wait list.
Nov 29 Bus for a Sunday matinee of a fun zarzuela with Luisa Fernanda; Patricia Hernandez will sing the title role in this production featuring the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra and the Jalisco state choir.
     On November 19, Dine with the Shrine will be held at Manix restaurant from 12- 8:30 p.m. The address is Calle Ocampo #57 in Ajijic. The phone number for reservations is 766-0061. Manix has its own parking lot right next door. The Shriners’ special meal will be pork loin with soup or salad and dessert for only $100 pesos. Proceeds will be donated to the Shriners’ Transportation and Treatment Fund by Manix owner Familia Espana. The Lake Chapala Shrine club raises money to send children from the Lake Chapala Area up to the age of 18 to the Shrine hospital in Mexico City for orthopaedic, spinal column injuries and burn treatment free of charge.
     Every year on welcoming the winter season to what has now become a local tradition, Lakeside children put on a performance with the help of Le petit ballet company to help mistreated teenage mothers and their children. This year it will be held on Thursday December 10 in the Floresta auditorium. Enjoy dancing youngsters in this one hour show and help giving away to the most needed. Tickets at Dra. Dolores Russell office or call 766-0075.

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